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Non-public teachers and schools call for help

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3/5/2020 6:54:09 AM
Posted: 6 months ago
Currently teachers of public schools are still receiving wages because it is money from the budget during the Covid -19 epidemic. However, For teachers at private schools, The money comes back from the owners.

If the condition of the owner is not financially capable, The prolonged absence will greatly affect the salary and life of the teacher.

Long-term absences are pushing many non-public schools and teachers into distress.
The school teachers are always ready to meet even though it is late afternoon to improve each day. These efforts are not to be acknowledged, There are silent sacrifices made by teachers that are not easy to receive compliments.

To teach well, Each completed lecture is an effort of many people, Including tears, Smiles, Although many lessons have not been as expected. This is highly appreciated by parents like Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan - Parent of Class 10A1, Said: "I am a university lecturer, I confirm many teachers cannot teach online. I appreciate the teachers who do the online lessons. "

The effort to maintain teaching is so, But according to Ms. Dung, Up to now, The school has not received any support from any organization. She said that the role of trade unions in this epidemic should be promoted.
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8/5/2020 11:29:58 AM
Posted: 1 month ago
Online teaching is too difficult for teachers, As well as online learning, Which is also difficult for students. In September schools will be going to reopen and soon all the stress of teachers and students will end. But parents stress will continue because now kids have to take more precautions before going to school due to COVID-19.
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