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Few Mistakes Teachers should Avoid in Arts Cl

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7/14/2020 7:18:18 AM
Posted: 2 months ago
1. Make spelling mistakes
During the correction of the copies, The teachers pull their hair to count the misspellings of their students. But, Often, We notice that these faults are written on the board by the professor. In France, The level of teachers in French is declining. In Canada, Documents sent to parents of students are riddled with spelling mistakes.

It is a sensitive subject. It is very intimidating and difficult for a student to say to a teacher: "You made a mistake". For parents of students, Teachers' spelling mistakes are unforgivable. For them, The teacher must be a model. It is therefore up to the teachers to ensure that all correspondence or class documents are well written, Proofread and without spelling mistakes.

2. Minimize communication with parents
Communication with parents of students plays a vital role in children's success. However, This relationship is not always in good shape. Teachers experience discomfort in cooperating with parents. Sometimes the lack of time is a real obstacle to this collaboration. Also, There is a gap between the culture of the school and that of the family. This is the reason why teachers prefer to minimize school-family cooperation.

Teachers must set up effective means of communication for better cooperation between parents. The purpose of this cooperation is to express themselves on the progress of the students, Their difficulties especially buying arts goods guts. Pk/shop/ and to propose solutions to the problems identified. They must be welcoming, Attentive and open to proposals from parents. In addition, It is preferable to choose the right moment to communicate with the parents of students, For example if there is a misunderstanding between the teacher and the student.

3. Work hard
Over the years, The teaching profession has grown heavier and more complex. Teachers denounce the overload and heaviness of their work, Which causes a real lack of time to do their work more and more difficult. According to various surveys, The teaching profession is affected by psychological distress, Because teachers exercise a very demanding profession.

Indeed, Classroom work is not the only task that teachers must accomplish. It is, Moreover, Only the visible part of the work. They assume other educational and administrative responsibilities. When the end of class bell rings, Another invisible work begins for teachers. For example, Preparing and following lessons, Correcting copies and collaborating with parents. So teachers need to work smarter and more efficiently to avoid burnout. Here are some tips for this:

Prioritize your educational and administrative tasks in order of importance.
Try to stay organized.
Learn to say NO and set limits.
Delegate your tasks

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