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Japanese Animated Films

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10/5/2012 10:36:52 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I'm sure many of you know of Japan's anime industry, but I'm looking to gauge how many people watch Japanese films (in English, not the original Japanese speaking version!) . For instance, I'd say about 20% of my school's top class has seen major hits like Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. That of course does account for the strong Asian majority in my school.

What I'm looking to gauge is how many of you watch Japanese animated films. Furthermore, some recommendations. I know that Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are the creme de la creme, so other ideas are greatly appreciated.

I'd also be interested in people discussing the need for tension in a film, and whether it really is needed to a large degree. Now, I most certainly love an extremely tense, well thought out movie, but whether it's necessary is another question. I ask this because My Neighbour Totoro is an absolutely fantastic movie, despite very little actual conflict occurring in the movie.

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10/6/2012 12:55:59 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
I've seen a few movies but not many. I'll assume you've seen Grave of the Fireflies.

I watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which is really popular, but for whatever reason I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

I've also seen Light of the Firefly Forest, which I really wish was longer, but still recommend. Simple love story, but well executed. The characters are believable. The ending was abrupt, but overall there were no dull moments.

Vanishment of Haruhi - the type train is correct on this one. Its amazing, seriously. If you haven't watched the Haruhi series you won't understand it, but the Haruhi series is itself a 9.0 in my book, so I'd suggest watching the show anyway. But the movie itself is really well executed and I really should watch it again.

There's probably others that I'll remember later.

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