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Your thoughts? *Close to nudity warning*

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4/28/2013 7:30:30 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
I have been rather busy for quit some time, but I just stumpled upon this program and couldn't help wonder what you people would think about it. It runs on a public channel and I belive it was around 20:00 when I saw it.

Be warned that there is a rather naked girl in this clip. The two guys are a music producer and a fashion designer.

The show last about 30 minuts with a new girl walking in halfway through it. In the short clip you see the old guy is talking about his wife and the life they had together before she died. It is very personal and he tells some very intime things. After the clip they compliment her for her body and go on to talk about clothing and the body. What is fashion. How you designe cloth and so on.

In general that is how the show goes. They see something fun about the situation or something beutifull about the woman and then they discusse on from that.

Now what do you think of the show and concept?

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