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Why I Like Sci-Fi

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5/13/2013 10:59:11 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Science Fiction is one of my all time favorite genres. It holds such wonder and entertainment for me that I rarely find a sci-fi book that I do not enjoy. Recently, I was asked by someone who does not enjoy the topic as much as I do why I enjoy it so and I came up with, what I think to be, a decent answer.

Everyone has a different view of the future. Some more plausible than others but all seem mostly possible given what we know of technology and human nature. Good sci-fi is written in such a way that applying the idea of time or a certain breakthrough can create an entire possible future for humanity. And each created future is different and yet all hold seeds of possibility in them. It is a wondrous thing if you think about it.

Modern or historical books, "realistic fiction" if you may, is constrained by current logical boundaries, technological boundaries, social boundaries etc. And many people like having these constraints. However, if you tear all of these away and give someone the tools to create a whole new world from the ground up you will get some fascinating results. To me, each sci-fi epic or fantasy yarn is a look at the inner creative mind of the author. Like a fingerprint, each created world that deviates from the modern norm is entirely unique, even if subtly.

This wide range of possibilities is why I find science fiction so amazing and I wanted to share these thoughts with everyone.
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