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Screwed By the network

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5/31/2013 5:34:42 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Ladies and gentlemen,For those who Don"t know the term, "Screwed by the network", I,ll explain. When a network changes heads, He"ll have to take resposabilty of those shows,
Some of those shows might have a "following" Thease, "leagacy shows" might cause Confusion for the head, What does the head do? Screw them over of course!
What is Screwing over? Il let tv tropes explain,

"Put it in a different time slot each episode, show it in the wrong order, bury it at midnight or in the Friday Night Death Slot, put it up against the other networks' strongest shows... do everything you can for it to build up a regular viewing audience that's not quite big enough to warrant the budget, but just big enough to cause some trouble when you cancel it for not "attracting the right audience.""

Hearse an example,
Have any of you seen the show Mystery Science theater 3000?
If so Well according to TV tropes,

"Mystery Science Theater 3000 was victimized twice by network heads (Doug Herzog at Comedy Central and Bonnie Hammer at Sci Fi Channel) who professed not to understand the show's sense of humor and clearly resented having it left to them as a legacy program from previous executives; they wound up fighting a war of attrition against the show's small but vocal fan base while looking for an excuse to cancel the series. Despite this, the show enjoyed a ten-season run, plus almost five years of reruns on the Sci Fi Channel, before finally signing off for good in 2004. The Movie is well known for being screwed by the studio."

Did you know why Doug and Bonnie did that? You could say "they had a small fanbase",
That"s true, HOWEVER they couldn"t let the fanbases grow, with time the fanbases grew and grew until linkara (an internet celebrity) watched it, and look at him now!
Why do net Heads Do this? Why? I have no idea, that"s why I"m a Against This, It Hurts Creators, It Hurts Fans and its totality random,

This is stupid and I want this to stop right now until I get an answer. I"m Mathew Palmeri And I approved this message.

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