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New show: "Don't drive here" - Delhi

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12/9/2013 2:42:36 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
This program is about driving on difficult roads around the world. The first show featured Delhi, India. They have an American (or maybe Canadian) enthusiastic driver trying hysterically to navigate the narrow streets -- without signs, lights, or traffic rule enforcement.

The best part was the guy driving a truck at night on the highway from Delhi to Mumbai. He had a professional truck driver, the stoic Mr. Singh, as co-pilot. The truck has no turn signals or horn, and a defective clutch.

Narrator: The good part of this section of road is that it is a divided highway. <screams at oncoming headlights> But there are people driving the wrong way on this side!
Mr. Singh: <monotone> That's why there are many accidents.
Narrator: I've been driving less than 200 km, but I wish the truck would just explode so I'd have an excuse not to continue. ... Have you ever seen a truck just explode in Delhi?
Mr. Singh: <monotone> Yes, I've seen it many times.

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