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Superbowl 50 Half-time

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2/13/2016 6:36:07 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
With references to the Black Lives Matter movement, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, Beyonc"s half-time show at the Super Bowl on Sunday might be the most radical political statement from the superstar in her 20-year career.

Snapped backstage, the dancers also held a picture with the slogan "Justice 4 Mario Woods", who was shot dead in December by police in San Francisco, this year"s Super Bowl host city.

Beyonc"s performance was not the only political statement of the night, with Coldplay"s set featuring a marriage-equality inspired rainbow wave of placards held up across the stadium, which spelled out: "Believe In Love".

Commentators said the message was indicative of how far the gay rights movement has come. "This was a combination of local pride " I was born and used to live in San Francisco " and the simple reminder of the country"s progress on LGBTQ acceptance," wrote Seth Millstein of Bustle.

What did you think of it - was it a positive experience or not?
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