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The adventures of Fire, and the Crazy King

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7/26/2016 9:52:18 PM
Posted: 3 years ago

So they started to go on a mission to find Wytled.

There was a new forum topic about where Wytled might go, and there were suggestions like

"edeb8, with a weird name, and hiding." ThinkBig said

"the religion forum", brontoraptor says

"The health forum, it is dead there, no one would notice him" a spammer who was interested in the conversation said.

"History" YYW said

"Hey, we are working on History!!!" I said

"Joined as a spammer" A spammer said hopefully

"Good idea" I said

"Now just stop it, I made a solution. 30 good DDO members need to come out and we start searching everywhere." Blade_of_Truth said

Now, there were applications on new forum. The list went on until it finished, the list was...

1. Fire_wings
2. bsh1
3. Hayd
4. Famousdebater
5. Thett3
6. Blade_of_Truth
7. Tejretics
8. YYW
9. MrVindication
10. whiteflame


and so on.

Now it was time to go onto the mission of finding Wytled.

Fire_wings and Famousdebater were finding, and digging into some bushes in the old boring technology forum. The list was

The list

DDO forum

1. YYW
2. bsh1


1. Vaaraka

Education/ Economy

1. RI
2. Rosalie


1. Bballcrook


1. HPG


The rest needed to go on, join a forum, or any debate, and do whatsoever.

... 3 days later

DDO was really doing lot's of progress now. Tejretics just went into the Arts forum, and went into the forum, "What is art", and he saw Wytled's footprints, and he was going south, meaning to the rest, not the DDO forum.

Then HPG found a bottle which could only be drank by Wytled, and his footprints went right, meaning it could go up, right in the Games forum, or down.

There were around 12 more evidence like footprints, etc. But there was no sign of Wytled.

DDO members agreed that there was no Wytled in the forums. YYW, thett, Hayd, and Tejretics needed to guard the forum unless Wytled comes in, but there was a main entrance, and they could just guard that.

"So!!! Now let's go onto the debates section!!! Off we go!!!" Blade_of_Truth announced

"What made you leader?" Fire_wings murmured, but in the end, he galloped into the debates.


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