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Offensive pictures and jokes!

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7/1/2013 7:29:54 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I saw the cotton field picture. That's it? That's all you got?Check out these three jokes:
Two White people are sitting on a bus conversing.

Two Blacks look at them and go "Yo Riley, you want some cheese to go with those crackers?".

Two Black people are sitting under a tree. A white guy looks at them and askes "What are you two doing?" To which the Blacks respond with "Hanging out.". The White guy looks up at the tree and then back down at them and goes "Oh yeah, your hanging alright!".

An Asian woman is posing for a porno magazine. A bunch of White people are masturbating to her ferociously. She bends her gigantic butt and farts in one guy's face. The Asian lady turns to him and goes "Oh, me sorry! Me sorry! Me suck your cock fo' free as apology. I no mean to do that!".

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