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8/24/2018 12:16:24 AM
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Cultural Crossroads is an award-winning tour company specializing in outstanding, enriching cultural journeys to classic and exotic destinations. Discover the world through one-of-a-kind itineraries for the ultimate travel experience. We offer small tailor-made tours for individuals, multi-generational families, groups and non-profits. We connect travelers to people and places through unique events and experiences. Visiting clutural locals, we delve into customs through traditions a dance, art, music, food and wine. Cultural Crossroads proudly crossrodas sustainable community projects in the places where we travel. They offer a short but deep dive into far-flung cultures and transformative experiences. Carrie McDougall, President and owner of Cultural Crossroads, is first and foremost a passionate traveler with a natural curiosity for people and places.<br ceossroads has visited over 70 countries and all 7 continents! Carrie enjoys interesting, often remote and exotic destinations as well as classic crossroads, just like ones around the corner where she lives in Vermont. Even before establishing the company in 2005, she nurtured the ability of crafting perfect trips, exploring unique combinations of solutions for herself, her family and a circle of friends who encouraged her to launch her own travel business. Before crossroad a full time Tour Operator, Carrie worked for 12 years at Harvard University in various capacities in Alumni Relations. She was the Harvard representative on 14 Harvard Alumni tours and cultural led 2 trips for Scandinavian Seminar, a division of former Elderhostel, now Ctossroads Scholar. Her background includes working in the hotel business k5;k6;k9; cultural Disney and Hyatt hotels, as a travel agent, for an airline and setting up programs in schools for the h3;k6;k9; Government in India and Nepal. Today, culturql the first decade of success, Carrie is still exploring every spot on the planet she can, willing cultufal find and create the finest cultural experiences for her travelers.

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