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Quickfire Mafia 13 Endgame

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5/29/2012 1:47:34 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
1. Airmax - bulletproof
2. Zaradi - miller
3. FourTrouble - watcher
4. Apollo - tracker
5. IFly - vanilla

Serial Killers
6. Bossyburrito - serial killer
7. Spinko - serial killer

NP1 actions:
6) Bossy kills Airmax - Fail (Airmax is bulletproof)
7) Spinko kills Zaradi - Success

3) FT watches IFLY - No visits
4) Apollo tracks Airmax - Airmax visited no one.

NP2 Actions:
6) Bossy kills SocialPinko - Success
7) Spinko kills Fourtrouble - Success

3) FT watches Apollo
4) Apollo tracks FT - FT is dead

I'll keep this short since everyone moved on to Spinko's game. The idea was to have 2 scum in a 7 player game but instead of 2 mafia, I chose 2 serial killers who couldn't co-ordinate night actions but get 2 kills overall each night. This runs the risk of one SK killing the other helping town - which happened. Also, I included a bulletproof so town doesn't get routed at night.

Spinko played very well claiming PGO and had Bossy not killed him, he may well have won. The rest of the town played well too nailing Bossy as mafia. FT had great analysis before he got killed. Overall, good teamwork from the town.
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5/29/2012 1:53:57 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
This was a good game.

Town made the right call when it mattered when Apollo hammered Bossy and the town won.

Good work town. Moderator