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WW4 Attack year 2102

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1/8/2013 2:50:47 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
First, actual moves by all players
Second, dramatic retelling of each players moves
Third, Current score + eliminated players
Fourth, Interesting stats

Niwsa = Iceland
1) Attack TDK
2) Attack TDK
3) Reclaim 100
Iceland shifted back into a more offensive gear in 2102, and it paid off fairly well as Iceland once again was not attacked by anyone. Doing considerable damage to Japan (Thedebatekid) while suffering no invasions on their own soil made 2102 a successful year for Iceland. After reclaiming 100 miles of their lost territory, Iceland is now back on top of the list of surviving nations with a full 1000 miles of territory to work with once again.

Emospongebob527 = Russia
1) Attack TDK
2) Attack TDK
3) Attack TDK
Mighty Russia had a much more dramatic shift then Iceland did, this time going on all out attacks instead of all out defenses, and like Iceland they were fortunate to not get attacked this year. Russia did considerable damage to Japan and suffered no invasions from others, so they sit close to the top of the leaderboard going into 2102, still with a healthy 900 miles of territory to work with.

Phantom = Germany
1) Attack TDK
2) Defend against TDK
3) Defend against Ishallannoyyo
One of the few remaining victors from the last world war, Germany marched into 2102 in the midst of another world war with 1000 miles. Germany chose to go on the offensive against Japan like so many other nations have. Germany though was not as fortunate as all the other nations though, for a massive invasion from Iran under MilitaryAtheist lost them 300 miles of territory. Germany can now be found towards the bottom of the leaderboard, but with 700 miles left you cannot count them out of the war just yet.

TheAntidoter = Egypt
1) Defend against Buddamoose
2) Reclaim 100
3) Attack MilitaryAtheist
Egypt had the most diversified plan for 2102 then any other nation, going on the offensive, defensive, and licked its wounds all at once. Arguably, they were the most fortunate nation of 2102 precisely for their planning. Egypt was mercilessly attacked by the one nation they chose to defend against, Buddamoose-led Israel, launching them towards the top of the leaderboard while their enemy took a tumble. Egypt marches into 2103 at full health.

Contra = China
1) Defend against Ishallannoyyo
2) Defend against Niwsa
3) Defend against Viper
Paranoia reigns supreme in China, who with 500 miles of territory putting them in last place going into 2102 decided to go all out on defense to prevent from being eliminated and hopefully regaining some territory. This was not the case though, for China was not attacked by anyone at all this year, and their efforts gone to waste. China marches into another year of WW4 still hovering at around 500 miles, just like last year.

Ishallannoyyo = US
1) Defend against Viper
2) Defend against TV
3) Defend against MA
Paranoia reigned supreme in China, and the same applies to the United States, who like the Chinese spent all their time defending against attacks that never came. Only difference is that the US is still sitting pretty with 900 miles of territory as WW4 drags on.

Viper-King = South Korea
1) Defend against Phantom
2) Defend against Contra
3) Defend against Drafterman
South Korea went all out on defense last turn which ended up saving their a**, so it would have made sense that they continue to do the same thing in 2102. This was not the case though, for South Korea, like many nations before them, spent all of its annual resources on defenses against attacks that never came. South Korea though has been mercilessly attacked before, so its anyones guess what they will do next year. They still sit pretty at full health though, so a change of strategy might not be warranted depending on who you ask....

Tvellalott = Australia
1) Attack TDK
2) Attack TDK
3) Reclaim 100
Australia broke the chain of all out defenses that persisted in 2102 and went all out on offense against Japan while spending the resources they had left to patch their wounds they suffered before. Australia was not invaded this year by anyone meaning that any defense they would have made would have been in vain. Australia now marches into 2102 even healthier then before, continuing to go on the offensive and being a force to be reckoned with.

Drafterman = New Zealand
1) Attack TDK
2) Attack TDK
3) Attack TDK
Almost mirroring the moves of their close ally Australia, New Zealand launched an all out offensive against Japan and were fortunate enough to be the ones to claim victory over Japan and knock them out of WW4. The massive assault against Japan was fought by numerous nations, but it was New Zealand who made the right move at the right time, and now enter the list of nation killers in WW4. They still sit at 700 miles of territory though, and if they are too reckless they may end up being conquered themselves.

Lannan13 = India
1) Reclaim 100
2) Attack TDK
3) Attack TDK
India was also among the coalition of nations who were attacking Japan, however it was India who were the only ones to meet Japan's wrath. Japan launched a massive counter invasion against India and cost them 300 miles of their territory, the defeat softened only by the 100 miles they had reclaimed prior to the attack. India now sits at 500 miles of territory as WW4 drags on, tied in last place among surviving nations.

Thedebatekid = Japan
1) Attack Lannan
2) Attack Lannan
3) Attack Lannan
Japan has a history of going out of World Wars with a bang, and this one was no different. Japan was attacked over a dozen times by a half dozen different nations, yet Japan was focused only on doing as much damage as possible to one nation in particular before being knocked out of the game, India. Japan becomes the third nation to fall to another in World Wars, making Japan the only nation to be in 3 world wars and not be on the winning half a single time.

MilitaryAtheist = Iran
1) Attack Phantom
2) Attack Phantom
3) Attack Phantom
A lot of nations raged against other nations in 2102, and Iran was certainly one of them. Being at full health Iran launched a lethal invasion of Germany and did considerable damage to them in the process, for Germany had never seen the attack coming. The only blemish in 2102 for Iran though came from Egypt (TheAntidoter) who launched a small invasion of Iran and cost them 100 miles, knocking them off the list of those with perfect health marching into 2103. The two time nation killer has a lot to think about as WW4 rages on.

Buddamoose = Israel
1) Attack TheAnti
2) Attack TheAnti
3) Defend against TheAnti
Israel continued its massive war against Iran but disaster was waiting for them. Iran had wizened up to Israel's invasion and decided to defend against another attack from them in 2102. The defense was well timed and horrendous for Israel, who now are at 700 miles of territory while their enemy now is back at full health thanks to their successful defenses. Israel hobbles into 2103 with noticeable battle scars and a lesson learned the hard way.

Current Score:
Niwsa = 1000
TheAntidoter = 1000
Viper-King = 1000
Emo = 900
Ishallannoyyo = 900
MilitaryAtheist = 900
Tvellalott = 800
Phantom = 700
Drafterman = 700
Buddamoose = 700
Contra = 500
Lannan = 500

Eliminated Players
Thedebatekid (Japan)
THEBOMB (Poland)
16kadams (Spain)

Interesting Stats:
- 1 - Of 23 attacks that were launched, 15 were for Thedebatekid
- 2 - only 1 of 11 defenses worked this round.
- 3 - 8 nations didnt defend at all this round

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1/8/2013 2:58:26 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I have to wonder who made the decision to order an all out attack on a full-health nation...
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1/8/2013 9:12:53 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
At 1/8/2013 2:58:26 PM, TheAntidoter wrote:
I have to wonder who made the decision to order an all out attack on a full-health nation...

Wonder away.
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1/9/2013 11:38:51 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
At 1/8/2013 9:12:53 PM, tvellalott wrote:
At 1/8/2013 2:58:26 PM, TheAntidoter wrote:
I have to wonder who made the decision to order an all out attack on a full-health nation...

Wonder away.

It's got to be the work of the Illuminati...or... the Free Masons...either way it's a conspiracy.
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