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WW4 attack year 2103

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1/26/2013 2:46:56 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
First, actual moves by all players
Second, dramatic retelling of each players moves
Third, Current score + eliminated players
Fourth, Interesting stats

Niwsa = Iceland
1) Defend against Ishall
2) Defend against Antidoter
3) Defend against Viper
Despite not being attacked once last year, Iceland decided to shift into full on defense. They were not attacked by anyone, and thus their efforts had been in vain. They still sit pretty with 1000 miles of territory though, which is something that other nations cannot claim, and as WW$ drags on, Iceland still lies in fantastic shape.

Emospongebob527 = Russia
1) Defend against Viper
2) Defend against Ishallannoyyo
3) Reclaim 100
Russia, like Iceland, was also not attacked at all last year but they to decided to shift to a primarily defensive stance, and like Iceland again, nobody attacked them. They did reclaim 100 miles of their own territory though and are now at full health again, so as WW4 drags on Russia lies in amazing shape while others are not as fortunate.

Phantom = Germany
1) Defend against Viper
2) Defend against Antidoter
3) Reclaim 100
A year after a massive invasion from Iran under frackjack, Germany acted like nothing even happened, as they continue to play a defensive game against others while they lick their wounds. Germany though was not attacked this year, and now have climbed up to 800 miles of territory as WW4 rages on.

Antidoter = Egypt
1) Defend against Emo
2) Defend against Viper
3) Defend against Frackjack
Egypt, like many other nations, played a defensive game in 2103, but what divides them from all the other nations is that they actually called their defenses right. Egypt was viciously attacked by Iran under frackjack and their successful defense against them catapulted Egypt back to full health while doing catastrophic damage to Iran in the process. 2103 was a fantastic year for Egypt, who now lie close to the top of the leader board with 900 miles.

Contra = China
1) Defend against Emo
2) Defend against Viper
3) Reclaim 100
Just like last year, China went all out on defense and was again not attacked by a single person. They did slowly regain some territory, but at 600 miles they still sit towards the bottom of the list.

Ishallannoyyo = US
1) Attack Budda
2) Attack Budda
3) Attack Budda
The US was the most surprising nation to act during 2103, going on all out offense against Israel whn the year before they had played entirely on Defense. Israel never saw the attack coming, so the US was very successful in their invasion and really gave Israel an a** whipping in 2103. With 900 miles of territory to use, they sit nice and pretty as WW4 rages on.

Viper = South Korea
1) Attack Budda
2) Attack Budda
3) Defend against Phantom
Woe is South Korea. They did the same thing as the US and shifted from defense into offense but they paid heavily for it. Israel under Budda did defend against Viper's armies, causing South Korea to lose 300 miles of their own territory which knocked them from the ranks of those at full health. They sit at 700 miles of territory now as WW4 rages on.

Tvellalott = Australia
1) Reclaim 100
2) Reclaim 100
3) Defend against Viper
Australia sat out 2103 to tend to their wounds, and since they were not attacked at all they succeeded in doing so, now with full health as WW4 rages onwards.

Drafterman = New Zealand
1) Reclaim 100
2) Reclaim 100
3) Reclaim 100
New Zealand chose to do the same thing with Australia as they sat out 2103 to lick their wounds as well. Good fortune was with them as well, for they were also not attacked in 2103 and not they too sit at full health.

Lannan13 = India
1) Reclaim 100
2) Reclaim 100
3) Defend against Viper
India chose to tend to their wounds also, and were also fortunate enough to not get attacked by anyone this year either. They only crawled up to 700 miles of territory though, placing them towards the bottom of the list of surviving nations as WW4 drags on with no end in sight.

Frackjack = Iran
1) Reclaim 100
2) Attack Antidoter
3) Attack Antidoter
Iran stayed on the offensive this year, but this time they decided to keep the pressure on Egypt, who the year before launched a small invasion against them. Iran's invasion of them was defended against though, so Iran lost 300 miles of territory as a result of their own aggression. After reclaiming 100 miles, they sit at 700 as WW4 goes on.

Budda = Israel
1) Reclaim 100
2) Defend against Anti
3) Defend against Viper
Israel faced numerous invasions in 2103, but their successful defense against Viper held South Korea erased most of the damage brought on from a devastating US invasion. Along with reclaiming 100 miles of territory, Israel overall gained some ground, now at 800, and are in good shape as WW4 enters a lull.

Current Score:
Niwsa = 1000
Emo = 1000
Antidoter = 1000
TV = 1000
Drafterman = 1000
Ishall = 900
Phantom = 800
Budda = 800
Viper = 700
Lannan = 700
Frackjack (formerly Militaryatheist) = 700
Contra = 600


Interesting Stats:

- 1 - Only 7 attacks were made this year, 5 of them were directed towards Budda.
- 2 - Only 2 of 17 defenses were called correctly
- 3 - Of the two nations that were attacked, both had called successful defenses
- 4 - 11 "reclaim 100"'s were called this round

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