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Jarvan the Marine

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3/13/2013 10:00:17 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
This is the futuristic storyline for Jarvan the marine, if you don't undertsand what I'm saying, this doesn't portain to you!
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3/13/2013 10:01:29 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Dazed from the landing, Jarvan slowly opens his eyes. Glancing around, he finds himself in what appears to be field. Standing slowly, he draws his Desert Eagle 3.0 from its holster. He can hear footsteps near by. Raising his gun in the direction of the noise, he takes a deep breath.

"These D*mn aussies are gonna be the death of me."

Just then, a soldier runs into Jarvan's field of view, he shoots twice, and the soldier drops. Cautiously approaching the body, Jarvan lowers his pistol into his holster. Arriving at the body, Jarvan crouches to inspect it. The soldiers eyes suddenly open wide and he grabs Jarvan by the throat, but only says three words:


The man reaches in to a pouch and pushes something into Jarvan's rough hands.

"Take it, please."

"Who are you brother?"

"Just...Just...." The man fades into an eternal sleep.

Opening his hand, Jarvan finds what appears to be a homing beacon, it bleeps softly in his palm.

"Jarvan!" A voice crackles over a speaker.

Jarvan grabs his radio and responds:

"Sir, I found something, pick me up."

Seconds later, Jarvan feels the ground vibrate gently, then louder, then louder,
until the whole ground is shaking.

Jarvan looks up to see his ride. A forty foot long Jade Cruiser, a 40 foot long craft with the familiar Marines logo on the side.

A rope is lowered, and Jarvan climbs aboard.

"Jarvan, what is it?"

"A homing beacon sir, I found it on a dead local."

"Give it here, son."

Jarvan snorts unnapreciatively, but hands his elder the beacon.

"This isn't one of ours, Martian maybe? Plutoian?"

"I'm from Mars sir, it ain't one of theirs. Maybe Plutoian, but it doesn't look human."

"Well we'll look into later, let's get back to camp."

"Yessir." said Jarvan, it would be the last time he would ever say it.
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3/13/2013 10:32:50 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Maybe it was the alcoholism, maybe it was the job... Jarvan never knew why his father killed his mother.

It was another dark night on the Martian colony of Reagan. Jarvan sat as he usually did, and watched the earth from afar. His grand father told him that was his home, and that he had come from there as a young man. Jarvan promised himself he would go there one day, he would return to the home of his ancestors.

From the front yard he could hear his mother crying, and his father yelling. He covered his ears.

"You think I don't know when you go sleeping around? You think I don't know what you do you sl*t!

"Please calm down, you've been drinking again..."

"No! I will not calm down!" Jarvan could hear a sharp smack.

"Please, please..." His mother pleaded.

Jarvan felt a tear fall from his cheek.

"NO! I have had enough of this!" Jarvan's father picked up a knife from the table.

Jarvan heard his mother scream, he ran inside to find...

"ACCCCKKKK!!!!" Jarvan awoke in his shuttle bunk screaming, another nightmare.

"Yo, Jarv, you okay?" Said Jamal.

Jarvan punched his pillow, I'm fine he said, go back to sleep.

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