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Charo Kenric

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3/14/2013 6:15:30 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
This is in relevance to the forum futuristic war story:

My character is Charo Kenric. He isn't a battle built warrior like most, in fact he likes to take a more tactical and small task force approach to most missions. His abilities are few (compared to the rest ya'll):
-- A forcefield made of matter that surrounds himself, and any ALLIES he chooses, protecting them from ANY damage be it a thrown rock, or twenty nuclear missiles plus the ship that shot them crashing into the force field of matter. :]
-- Invisivbility
-- Enhanced Night vision
-- Mind reading and super intellectual abilities (can think through every pro and con of a situation, hardly ever leaves out details)
-- The ability to morph into any creature he desires or can think up, even a single cell organisms allowing him to travel through blackholes.
-- high agility due to his smaller size, and HIGHLY increased speed
-- Can travel through space and any atmosphere without the need oxygen
-- Adjust immediately to change of climate, atmosphere, and pretty much any change in pressure, weather, climate, or even toxic wastelands/ atmospheres
-- Enhanced stealth, so he can walk quietly, sh!t quietly and have intensely romantic maneuvers without a single sound

With his intellectual abilities he can also learn from his own mistakes, others mistakes, and the mistakes made by a single cell organism, so he learns quite well.

All abilities are kept even as Charo morphs, so he changes to a mouse, he can read your mind turn invisible etc. He turns into a rock monster, same applies.

Charo is quite the character, he is nice, semi short (5'8" in his normal human form), and has the intellect of all the great minds put together plus some. You could say he is a super computer in humanoid form, and with very few program errors. He was born on earth, exposed to a chemical based element and his body not only rejected the chemical, but that rejection mutated his cells and whatnot making him who he is as explained. Because of previous life encounters throughout his childhood and well... life, he has taken to only talking when it is necessary, or to those he is very close to. He is most talented with a sword he designed himself, unbreakable of course, keeps three side arms with him at all times, two are always hidden, and is also very skilled with these as well. With his quick learning, Charo is able to quickly learn to use any weapon he picks up in battle, or is given, etc.

And now, for a short back-story of my character.

Blood gushed from the bullet wound. First he dropped to his knees, then to one hand trying to steady himself, and finally rolling over to his back, where he coughed and gurgled blood. "No!" Charo rushed over to his side, kneeling and trying to stop the excessive bleeding. "You will not leave me!" He screamed and screamed, until his friend took his frantic hand in both of his. "I will never leave you brother." With that, he touched Charo's chest, placing an object there, and laid his head back to rest. Charo cried, screaming and yelling his name, as his friends hand slowly fell from his chest. Everything seemed to be silent to him, not the bullets flying, or the shouts of other men, could really compare to the screams he omitted. He felt himself being dragged away. "We"re leaving! We can"t stay any longer!" A car door opened, and he fell into the soft leather seats. He quickly sat up to get one last glance at the body, before it was hoarded and burned like the rest of the dead amongst the field. As the SUV rounded a corner, he fell back into the fetal position, tears streaming silently. A woman put her arms around him soothingly. "Everything will be ok." He shook his head, tears still falling silently. "It will not be ok. This is not over, and nor will it be until I have finished this battle. Even if it means destroying this alien race and Earth along with them." With that he laid his head back and took deep breaths. He realized he had the object in his hand. He had forgotten about it, and had been holding it so tightly, blood poured from the gashes it had made. This... thing, the way it beeps, and the way its' power surges through my arm. What could it be?

A few months later.

"Are you sure you want to do this Charo?" He only glared at the red button on the control panel. "You have only destroyed every cult and being before they could take a deep breath. Do you really have to go this far?" Charo slammed his fist into the button. The fighter ship vaulted, knocking nearly everyone off balance, and as Charo gazed out the window, the large nuclear rocket slowly made it sway towards the dark gloomy Earth. "It is done, I can sleep in peace now." Or can you Charo Kenric? The voice startled him, along with the vibration of the beeper in his pocket. I have to get rid of this thing before it controls me.
Charo returned to his room, found the smallest container he could and packed the beeper in with old newspapers and foil. He then closed his eyes, felt the ripple in his spine and the tingle through his every nerve, as he morphed to a mouse. The closest ventilation system was only right outside his door, so he took it and eventually, after crawling through inches of dust and mold, made it to the excretion center. He made his way through the door paneling out into the cold air of space, only then morphing into a cannon like plant, and launching the tube out into space. I hope the right person finds it. But that voice in the back of his head still did not fade. Please Charo, did you think I would just leave such a brilliant mind like yours?
-- Be thankful, Not regretful_ Lindsay Montgomery
-- Don't look back and say "I wish it was different", instead look back and say "lesson learned"_ Lindsay Montgomery

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