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Left For Dead Mafia ENDGAME

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4/18/2013 7:37:09 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Well after that, It's time to make the grand reveal...


Literally copied and pasted from the original document.

Left 4 Dead Mafia

1. Tank " Budda -A large brute. The king of all zombies. He will brutally murder survivors and is hard to take down by bullets. You are bulletproof. You may only be lynched out of the game. You win with the infected.

2. Riot Zombie - Skep - A common vanilla zombie. You are wearing armor that protects your front but leaves you vulnerable in the back. People can not take you out from the front but will easily backstab you. You have no powers. You win with the infected.

3. Hunter " Lannan - You can smell out the survivors from a mile away. You are a Cop: Each night, you can learn 1 person"s affiliation. You win with the infected.

4. Spitter " bossyburrito - You love to spit infections acid. Look far and wide for someone to spit it on. You are the Tracker. You may follow one person each night and learn whom they visit. You win with the infected.

5. Witch " Bull_Diesel - If anyone gets near you or startles you quickly and brutally murder them. You are a paranoid gun owner. You kill anyone who visits you in the night. You win with the town.

6. Clown Infected - Noumena - Upon making noise you attract other zombies. You are a One Shot Vigilante, you may kill one person in the night phase, if you use this power EVERYONE will know it was you.

7. Mud Men (Zombie) - Flippant - You are covered in mud, and hidden. However, you will blow your cover as soon as you start running. You are a 1-shot bodyguard. Protect one player for one night. You win with the infected

8. Smoker " Cyber -Whenever threatened it puts toxic fumes in the air. This makes you able to escape. If you are attacked in the night you will escape with your life. This is a one shot deal. You will not know your attacker. You win with the infected.

9. Boomer " Frack - Your stomach is filled with a delicious toxin. You die very dramatically. Avoid this at all cost. You are the third party survivor; you win by surviving to the end.

10. Zoey " TUF - You are a very resourceful woman from L4D1. You know many different trades and can use them at will. You are the Mafia JOAT. You may use: Bulletproof (make yourself invincible to zombies for 1 night), Revival (bring a player back from the dead for one day phase), and Vigilante (kill one person in the night phase). These abilities are all one shot. You win with the Mafia.

11. Ellis - Ima -Considered to be kind of stupid, you talk a lot. You are the most annoying person in the group and therefore are sent to do stupid stuff. You are the Mafia Goon, you have no powers and win with town.

12. THEVIRUS - Nick " You are considered to be the leading role in L4D2. The group respects you and looks to you to make tough decisions. You are the Mafia Godfather. When investigated you give favorable results. You also choose who the mafia kills in the night phase. You win with the Mafia.
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4/18/2013 7:51:22 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
3/3, perfection ;)

Btw, why did frack show up inno if he was TP?
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