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Historical Events Endgame

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7/29/2013 10:06:29 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Winners: TOWN

Losers: Mafia

MVP's: Lucky_Luciano, Khaos, Nouema

Thanks for playing in my first game. I'll take any advice you have!

1. India"s Independence- India"s Independence was largely won through peace, and non-violence, through leaders with admirable intentions. You are the ???????. Throughout this game you may only operate under ???-??????? methods. Your ???? power is ???? ????? ??? ???? ????. You win with the town.

(vanilla, non-violent, only, your, voice, and, your, vote.)

2. Rasputin"s attempted assassination- You are the assassination of Rasputin, the Queen"s body guard. This ordeal was famous for apparently being one of the most difficult assassination attempts ever. Multiple attempts did not kill Rasputin, yet he lived through a lot of it before finally meeting his fate. You will have a ??????? ?????. If ??????, ??? ???? take exactly ??? ??? or ????? ????? to ???. You win with the town.

( delayed, death, killed, you ,will ,one ,day ,night ,phase ,die)

3. Columbine shooting- You are the Columbine Shooting. You are one of the most devastating recent killing spree"s in American history, due to the age of many of the youngsters that died during this event in history. You are the ??????? ????????. If you are ???????, the ???? ???? ???? ? ??? ?????. If you are ????? ?????? the mafia ???? ???? ? ????? ?????. You win with the town.

(Beloved, Princess, lynched, town, will, lose, a, day, phase, night, killed, will, lose, a, Night, phase)

4. The Black Plague- You are the Black Plague. Dark, and terrible, you are one of history"s deadliest killer of men. You were personally responsible for the deaths of millions, before you finally ceased. You are the ??????. If you are ??????? or ????? ??????, your ?????? will ????? ??? ???????? ???? from all ??????? of the game. You are third party, and by surviving with whatever team wins the game. Your win is shared with the winning team.

(Plague, lynched, night, killed, Plague, erase, any, existing, role, players)

5. The Crusades- You are the Crusades against the Jewish people in the medieval ages. Those who were non-believers of the great religion, suffered against the knights rule. You have a 1x ????, given that the crusades resulted ultimately in war and defeat. Since the crusades ???? ??????? as a ???????? and ??? part of ???????, you are also ??????????? ??????You win with the town.

(kill, were, viewed, negative, sad, history, investigate, guilty)

This was supposed to be a mis-lynch target had he been investigated by daytona (khaos 2)

6. The building of the Egytptian Pyramids- You are the building of the Egyptian Pyramids, a historical Event that changed the course of history in Egypt. Magnicifent, huge and powerful, a lot when into the making of the pyramids. Each night you can target a player and ???? ??? the ??????? ????? of a ??????"? ????. You win with the town.
(Find, out, missing, parts, players, role.)

I changed this last minute too because I accidentally sent it to two people :/

7. The establishment of United Nations- As multiple nations watched and saw inhumane things occur throughout history, an idea was formed with people who shared the same moral values against inhumane actions. They were called the United Nations. The establishment of the UN occurred through ???????? ??? ?????? of ?????? nations. As a result, you are the ???????. Each night you may select a player and ??????? ??????? on ?????? ??? ??????? them ?????? the ?????. You win with the town.

(Watching, the, faults, other, watcher, receive, results, anyone, who, visited, during, night.

8. The Renaissance- As a historical event of art, ideals, and philosophy, your taking place was a big influence on multiple cultures. You are the ????. You have ??????? ??? ???? ????????? ?? ???? disposal. 1) 1x ????????? ??????. 2) 1x ??????????? though it must be chosen and activated to work. 3) 1x ?????????, if this is used you will ???? ??? ????? ????????? immediently and ?????? a ???????. While right now you can only guess at your role, to use any of your abilities just say what number, and who on (if applicable). You win with the town.

(JOAT, several, one, shot, abilities, at, your, character, reveal, bulletproof, sacrifice, lose, all, other, abilities, become, vanilla.

You are the mafia! In this game the town, will receive only role descriptions, and characters. I have blanked out there actual roles. You, the mafia, on the other hand have full access to your role PM"s.

9. Evolution- You are Evolution. Though many people deny your existence and choose to instead believe in creation, you are the true creator of all things. Through creating virtually every living being, you are the most powerful historical event. Even after death in the game, your role will continue to work, as Evolution never stops. You are the JOAT. Each night you may use two of the following abilities: Rolecop, Re-direct, Track, watch and roleblock. You win with the mafia. (Changed this last minute)

10. The holocaust-You are often regarded as one of the most devastating events in history due to the sheer number of deaths involved, and the reasons that were behind them. So much killing and death was involved in your event, that your are the king of death. You are the Godfather. You will show up or appear innocent to ALL TYPES of investigations, and have the ultimate say over who the night kill is used on. You win with the mafia.

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