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Star Wars Saga DP6: Emergence of the Jedi

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12/3/2013 6:03:10 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Night on Nar Shadaa was never a quite, peaceful times. The flickering lights of gaudy neon lights, the loud music of the cantinas, the blasts of gunfire, the screams of people being mugged or murdered--they were the moons "night life." Yay was a lucky one--the shots fired at him missed, but many were not so lucky.

This world of violence, vodka, and vice could be heard vaguely from outside the walls of the armored fortress of Vigo Srehtiw, as he met with his newest ally, Vigo Data, who controlled the Black Sun operations around Dac.

"Vigo Srehtiw, it is good to finally meet you in person. I was happy to contribute those force I purchased off the Hutts to your war effort here. However, it looks as if you might be losing regardless. I came here to offer you my personal assistance."

Srehtiw servos whirred with annoyance, "I am perfectly capable at dealing with the Guild. The attack I lead on the Southwest met with huge success. I am now in control of 3/4 of the Moon."

Data sighed, "But without my reinforcements, your attack you likely have failed. Regardless, I have more now to offer than just a few thousand troops. I have captured Jevis Kleeg--your Majordomo, no less--trying to flee to Republic space. He was planning to reveal certain pieces of information that could be very valuable to certain buyers. The information he possess could result in the destruction of my business interests, and I cannot permit that to happen."

"I will want to...'interrogate' Kleeg myself. But, you have not explained why you are helping me yet."

"My friend," Data smiled, "those business interests will guarantee us control of Nar Shadaa."

"I see..." Srehtiw moved over to his comm panel, "I am about to summon the other Vigos. This night we must elect a new Underlord. We should join in a united strategy."

"Agreed. And once we have an Underlord to our liking, we will take Nar Shadaa by storm."


In Coruscant, another secret meeting was taking place:

Grand Master Qwoorn was speaking to a room full of holographs from the High Council Chamber, "Master Goldar has engaged the Sith. They are both on Chandrila, and are currently on the run from Goldar. Gov. Romni, just after surviving another attempt on her life last night, locked down the planet's transportation--but we cannot be sure that the Sith will not somehow be able to escape. We must act now while we know their location. I am ordering you all to abandon your current missions and to strike at the Sith. This is the Order's top priority. Go, and may the force be with you!"


Three days later, on Chandrila, the Sith had managed to seize a small spaceport and were preparing to liftoff and escape. Malefice was standing in the center of the landing bay, supervising as droid fueled up a heavily armored vessel.


Malefice whirled around to see Goldar standing there, with none other than Pots. Both had drawn their lightsabers, one yellow, one green, and they began to run towards him.

Acting swiftly, Malefice drew his red blade, even as he unleashed a potent blast of force lightning. Deflecting the energy off of his blade, Goldar swung he blade trying to catch Malefice off-balance. Instead, Malefice met Goldar's challenge, and used his red blade to push Goldar backward. Teetering after the force of Malefice's counterstrike, Goldar was unprepared for Malefice's second swing, which left the Master headless.

Spinning with uncanny speed, Malefice was just in time to block Pots's attack. Pots pressed him hard, and began to force the Sith Lord back along the hangar. It looked as if Malefice was about to lose. Suddenly, from behind him, a massive blast--one of the most powerful Malefice had ever seen--of force lightning filled the area, ripping into Pots's back and sending his charred remains flying across the room.

Darth Pestilus, the Sith Apprentice, was a skilled manipulator of the force. He had been outside when he had walked in on the battle. He rode a rancor, mutated by Pestilus's abilities with Sith alchemy, and dressed in long, flowing red robes that were ill-suited to combat.

"You have done well, Apprentice, but I sense on more Jedi approaching." Just as Maelfice finished speaking, another Jedi walked into the room. The human's blue blade was already lit.

Pestilus dismounted his rancor, and drew his weapon--not a lightsaber, but rather a force-whip, like Githany of old.

The Jedi moved to confront them, and Malefice walked forward to meet the challenge. They quickly locked blades, as Pestilus looked for an opening. Suddenly, Malefice was flying across the room after being force-kicked by the Knight. Turning on Pestilus, he quickly bested the Apprentice, knocking the whip out of the way, and moving to such close range that Pestilus's weapon was ineffective.

Using the force, Pestilus managed to fling the Jedi back. Sheathing his weapon, he let loose another, extraordinarily powerful blast of lightning. This time, though, Pestilus's would-be victim was not caught unawares, and the Jedi caught the bolts on his blade. However, the Jedi could feel his blade buckling under the force of the energy--his lightsaber would not hold much longer.

It was then that Malefice spoke, "Let me finish this one." Withdrawing his attack, Pestilus watched as the two again locked blades. But, Pestilus realized, there was another presence--Chandrila security forces! He could feel them and another, powerful Jedi nearing the hanger.

He looked back to see his master beating back the Jedi--the Knight would soon be dead. But just then, the Knight used the force to knock over some barrels of fuel. Malefice slipped and the Knight drove his blue blade through the Sith Lord's dark armor.

Pestilus had seconds to act. The Jedi was running toward shim, and he felt the enemy reinforcements closing. But he also sensed his own master was still alive and calling out for him. Pestilus flung the Jedi backward with the force--then he ran over to where Malefice was lying. Blood was pouring out of his chest and mixing with the engine fuel around him.

"" Malefice could hardly speak.

Pestilus looked down at the figure of his former master, knelt down, and whispered into his ear the last words Malefice would ever hear: "The rule of two." Stepping back, Pestilus let off a small lightning bolt into the fuel. It ignited as Pestilus walked away, and Malefice was burned to dead--his death screams piercing the air.

Pestilus would not waste time and risk his own life to save a dying man. Malefice had become a liability. Boarding the vessel, Pestilus blasted off only 30 or 40 seconds before Grand Master Qwoorn and the security forces reached the battlezone.

This Sith would not die that day, and Dark Lord Pestilus was now more resolved than ever to claim ultimate victory...


Note 1: While the story has Pestilus killing Malefice, it was actually the Jedi with the blue lightsaber who rolled the killing roll. I wrote the story as I did because it sounded the coolest. But, credit where it's due...

Note 2: In future, I will no longer guarantee the anonymity of players who attack others. After you do your attack roll, I will do a second roll to determine the secrecy of the player. If you roll an even number, you can be kept secret; if you roll an odd number, you won't.
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12/3/2013 6:08:25 PM
Posted: 6 years ago

Active Players:


Inactive Players:

- Bev

Dead Players:

SolonKR: You are a Jawa Soldier. Your ability is Disturbance Sensor: You will be able to sense if you're about to be attacked in a NP. You may hide or summon help after sensing the disturbance in the force. If you chose to hide or summon protection, that counts as one of your three NP actions for that NP.
GodChoosesLife: You are a Falleen Opera Star and Socialite. Your ability is Charisma: you are beloved. When attacked, your fans will protect your from harm. This works only once.
Thett3: You are a Twi'lek Casino, Cantina, and Strip Club Magnate. You are also the Dark Lord of the Sith. Your ability is Manipulation: you will know the abilities of all the other players, except the Jedi for whom you will be given their alibis.
TylerGraham95: You are a Zabrak Lt. General in the Republic. Your ability is Medic: you can shorten people's SLW to 0 NPs and their SVW to 1 NP.
Buddamoose: You are a Nautolan Pilot. Your ability is Sheer, Dumb Luck: t takes a roll of 14-16 to slightly wound (SLW) you, 17-18 to severely wound (SVW) you, and a 19-20 to KO you.
PotBelliedGeek: You are a Human Politician. You are also a Secret Jedi. Your Ability is Jedi Archivist: you can learn the NP actions of all Jedi for any given NP.
Mikal: You are a Nautolan Bounty Hunter. You are also the Dark Lord of the Sith. Your ability is Manipulation: you will know the abilities of all the other players, except the Jedi for whom you will be given their alibis.
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12/3/2013 6:09:48 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Just for ease of reference, here is the list of NP actions open to you:

Hire a Spy: For 250 credits you may ask me a question (not about anyone's abilities or whether or not they are Jedi/Sith) and I will answer it. It must be a yes or no question.
Disguise: Disguise yourself in another ability...basically, pick an ability that is not exclusive to Jedi, Sith, or Force-users (unless you are one) and you can have it for the NP. Cost: 3,000 credits
Hire a Smuggler: Hire a smuggler to carry a cargo for you. Earn 225 credits for every 200 credits you pay the smuggler. You can only do this once every 3 NPs.
Hide - go into hiding for a NP. This makes you invulnerable to attacks from non-force users. You can only hide once every 5 NP
Hire Assassin - An assassin can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 800 to hire for one NP, but will not betray you.
Hire Bounty Hunter - A Bounty Hunter can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. He costs 500 to hire for one job, and will not betray you. He will kidnap one target for you, and will hold them for up to 4 NP. To kidnap someone, you must roll a 16-20.
Hire Mercenaries - Mercenaries can reach any target, anywhere, at any time. It costs 200 to hire them for 1 NP, but there is a 50% chance that they will simply take your money and not complete the job. You must roll an even number first for them to perform their job.
Imprison - expose a Smuggler, Crime Lord, or Unknown Assassin and force them to serve 2 NP in jail. Everyone will know who that player is.
Protect - if contacted by an ally in need, you may attempt to help them. You must role a 16-20 to save their life. You may not proactively protect people; only when you are contacted by someone who knows they are under threat can you protect them.
Kill - you may also kill players yourselves; no need to hire it out
Military Assault - you can only do this if you have an army (one which I have confirmed exists). See my earlier PM for more info.
Fundraise - Only for politicians. See my earlier PM for more info.

Remember: for most of you, using your ability also counts as a NP action.
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12/3/2013 8:13:10 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Yo! People be killin'! LOL
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