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Gamers today are all cheaters!

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11/20/2018 7:35:53 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
I have to post this as it's been bugging me for quite a while now and after last weekend of talking to 2 gamers it just reinforces my beliefs, That video gamers today are all impatient cheaters.

What ever happened to trying to solve a part of a game you are stuck with, Did I miss the memo on the fact that if you get stuck in a game for over 15 minutes you have to Google the answer? What ever happened to spending a few days to try to figure out the solution on your own? Are gamers today such losers that they have to look up an answer right away at any first point of getting stuck? And please don't give me the excuse that time is precious so you need to speed run through a game so you have no time to get stuck. Than don't bother playing adventure games or puzzle games, Just stick to your Tetris and Candy Crush games. I do not understand this looking answers up for games now. THAT'S CHEATING! I love a good challenge and I have eventually figured out every game I have been stuck in without looking up clues or answers. I kind of enjoy getting stuck sometimes because it extends the life of the game for me and the feeling of accomplishment is phenomenal after you figure out the part of the game you were stuck on, Especially if you were stuck for a long time on it. There is no better feeling that figuring out that puzzle you have been stuck on for a while. I don't need clue books, Or on-line solutions, I'm not an ADHD baby who can't use his brain to solve a puzzle.

So what happened to these brain dead gamers today? I remember 30 years ago when you got stuck in a game, There was no Internet, You couldn't just go and get the solution in 3 minutes. You either figured it out on your own, Or you had the option to buy a clue book from the developer of the game for $30, Which was a lot when the game cost you $40. 00. So chances were you didn't buy the clue book and you would figure it out eventually on your won. But with the Internet today gamers have become cheating losers, The instant they are stuck, They are looking up the answer on-line. ABSOLUTE CHEATING LOSERS! What's the matter can't handle a challenge?

The reason I'm writing this is because last weekend I had a chance to talk to two gamers in my family and both of them left me with my head shaking at their gaming attitudes. The first person, I was talking about the game I'm currently playing "The Witness", Yes I hate the game but I refuse to cheat and look up answers or quit, And I was saying how this is the longest I have played any game ever because I'm stuck on many puzzles and it's been 6 months of playing this game and it might be another 6 months for me until I figure out the rest of the game. Well the response I got was "I would have looked up the answers long time ago! ? WHAT, So you are such a gaming cheater that you will just look up an answer when you get stuck for over 20 minutes? I already knew the answer to that question. The same person one time, I gave him a nail puzzle to try to unlock two nails twisted together, Just a fun little hand exercise game, Well after fumbling with it for 5 minutes he was Googling the answer and than came to me all proud with the nails taken apart. Well you didn't do it! You cheated and looked up the answer. Well that is exactly what he does in video games. Pretty sad.

The other person last weekend was the son of a friend of mine. He has the Nintendo Switch and he is playing the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, Well I watched him play for a bit, He came up on some thorns in one area with something inside the thorns, He tried for 5 minutes to get past the thorns and couldn't, I suggested that, You probably can't go there yet or maybe have to burn down the thorns, Mind you he didn't have the flame arrows yet in the game. Well he puts the game down and heads upstairs to look up the answer. (Sure enough, You need flame arrows) But from the way he did it, I could tell he does this regularly when he is stuck for over 1 minute anywhere in the game. And I thought to myself, What is the point in even playing this game? If you are just going to look up answers for everything, Why not just save yourself the hassle and just not buy the game at all and just read a walkthrough? Why bother playing if you need to have your hand held through the whole game and than cheat the whole way?

I just don't get it? Gamers today are just all cheaters. For The Witness, They have entire forums of cheaters exchanging clues and tips on how to beat the game, Every puzzle is revealed, Pretty sad, Why even bother playing it?

I have been stuck in The Witness for over 6 months now, But I will not cheat, I will not look up a clue, I will figure it all out on my own. I want the challenge. I have been stuck in many games and I have always figured them out, And I'm proud to say I have NEVER looked up a solution. I am a true gamer who can master any game over time. Well todays generation of gamers I have to say are complete useless CHEATING LOSERS.

So go ahead look up your solutions, But to me you are no gamers, Just a bunch of useless ADHD cheaters!

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