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The Future Of Gaming - No More Remotes

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11/27/2018 10:11:31 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
There are so many huge releases coming to the gaming world in the next couple years that many gamers are becoming confused and starting to wonder if they are going to be able to buy a console gaming system in the future that has a remote control at all. The quick answer to this is yes, The real question is what that remote will look like and how it will interact with the gaming console. Hardcore games will never give up the remote control completely because it offers way to much precision and control that cannot be compared to any motion based system controls at this point in time.

The Nintendo Wii started the revolution of motion based gaming control, But they were not the first. The Sony PS3 remotes have had gyroscopes in the remote way before the Wii was released, But the complete freedom that Nintendo created with their WiiMote has not been beat since. For Nintendo Wii fans this new way to control the game system, Is not only revolutionary, But also a very immersive gaming experience. There has never been a mainstream gaming system that has brought the whole family into the gaming action the way that the Nintendo Wii has in the whole history of console gaming.

Now that this technology has been around for some time, There are other companies that are starting to re-engineer their hardware to make use of this very popular gaming style. The Sony team has released the Sony Go which uses a microphone shaped remote that can be used as sword, Paintbrush or many other in game objects. This new Sony gadget also takes advantage of the Sony Eye camera to make you part of the game. Microsoft has recently decided to join the race to find the next generation gaming experience with their Microsoft Kinect device. This futuristic gaming hardware allows people to play games with no remote control at all. Using a variety of cameras and sensors you can become part of the game without the need to hold a remote at all. If you are playing a racing game, Just put your hands up like you are holding a steering wheel and you are driving!

It is always amazing to see where technology goes and the future of gaming is no different. There are many cool and very innovative technologies arising. There is no way to tell which one will make the next big wave, But one thing is for sure, It will have something to do with getting rid of the remote as we know it!
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