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Where you can get free osrs accounts?

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5/21/2020 9:25:24 AM
Posted: 4 months ago
With Mother's Day 2020 right around the corner, Have you thought about what to get for mom for this special day? Don't forget to say to mother "I love you mother". To celebrate that day, There will be our Mother"s Day Flash Sale with Str70 account & att40 str90 def1 account for free!

When can you enjoy free OSRS Account?
Our event starts on May 1st. The event lasts for a whole month.
So you can come to our website to get your free old school runescape account. Don't miss it ~~~

What can you get from Mother"s Day Sale 2020?
In the Mother"s Day event, We will respectively offer Str 70 account and att 40, Str 90, Def 1 account for you all to grab.
Everyone can make purchase many times, Once an order amount has reached, You can get the corresponding free account. With two great event programs to choose from.

You can get:
(1) Free osrs account with Str 70 over $300.
(2) Free osrs account with att 40, Str 90, Def 1 over $1000.
TipsA306;The amount of gold orders needs over 5 orders in May

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