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Rap Battle Here

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3/28/2016 11:13:30 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I am creating this because rap is a modern poetry as i have seen. This is my first rap. It is about what i do for a living. Slightly on the offence.


I wake up, i see the rain.
I brush my teeth, gotta get ready.
Gotta get ready.
Call up Dino, call up Jam.
Gotta get ready.
Gotta get ready.
They call me in, they spy a bug.
Gotta get in there and squash it.
It's what i do talk, cock, shrug.
Gettin' ready, gettin' ready.
I see Phil, i see Zulu.
I see Dino with Jim,
ready to take 'im in.
Gettin' ready, gettin' ready.
I'm ready.
Pieces moving all around.
Can't blunder, not now.
Gettin' ready.
The plot is seen,
gotta be keen.
We're ready.
Moving, doing, done, gone.
I'm ready, i'm ready.
The real conflict is 'bout to begin.
I'm ready.
Hundred of bishops, hundreds of rooks.
King is captured.
Movin' fast, they're goin' past.
Was ready, was ready.

I know it is bad but i want to go make chocolate.