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Blade & Soul: Can it Offer More?

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4/16/2016 5:28:48 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The character leveling process is slow to take off, because of the little variety of quests proposals, which in any case does not evolve once they leave the Viridian Coast. The majority of secondary tasks is concentrated around the two archetypes of "fetch quests" and "delivery quest", a tangible sign of lack of commitment by NCsoft at this juncture, however, in line with the practice of MMORPG originally developed for the Asian market. It quite slow to make Blade and Soul gold. While promising to read the text of all the side quests proposals, to the fortieth level threshold we stopped worrying about it, partly because of the shallowness of the premises and the banality of the NPC behaviors (which are often even hateful and contemptible, like most the soldiers of the occupying force in the wilderness of the Red Hot Sands).

Precisely because of these problems, in dell'endgame course it is almost natural to abandon the environments with low-level dungeons, focusing instead on high-level instances, sullle final evolutions of special equipment (ie the "Hongmoon" objects, with which go fused those dropped by enemies) and, of course, on the PvP arena.

A sad truth for those who prefer to avoid the competitive aspects whenever possible. Speaking of dungeons, the performance is no different from other MMORPG, but it stands out the possibility of forming a party with players from other servers, well welcome feature especially when you have to deal with low-level activities, for which it is said there is always great request. The pace of the action, however, threatens to regularly interrupted while browsing, because of the system of allocation of special items dropped by enemies, consisting of a mini auction among the players present in the same map segment.

It goes without saying that the most coveted items such as fragments of Soul Shield and equipment needed to unlock the next evolution of weapons and jewelry, will be accompanied by heated competitions shots upside, which effectively break up the group of interested and not, leading to tedious waiting for the resolution of all transactions for each boss and miniboss defeated.

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