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Blade & Soul: Which Dungeons DO You Like?

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4/21/2016 5:25:03 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Up to now Blade & Soul had released many dungenons and I believe you must have your preference.

Here are mine:

-Blackram Supply Chain 6-man and 24-man: Because of Poharan and 'Enemy Raid!'

-Avalanche Den: fun stage design, and there are many ways to tackle Yeti's mechanic, depending on your group. And it's fast to run with a decent party too. And the music is awesome.

-Awakened Necropoils: I like the second stage where your windwalk skill shines. Not the core defense, though. And Flying Elbow!

-Tainted Lab: simple run-and-gun and is like a mini game instead of a dungeon. The music here is quite nice.

-Talus Dungeon: only the first boss. It's time to make Ironside unfairly sturdy!
-Oogong's Folly: parody of Jouney to the West.

-Shrieking Cavern: parody of Wizard of Oz, and Frozen. Doduri is a memorable character.

-Frostscale Basin: simple quests, big exp. Also, I love the drumming music in the east side of the area.

-Naryu Labyrinth: Minou's music. Each boss have their own chests and dailies. Unpredictable stage design. Time to blow up your party in the 8-pillar room.

How about you? Welcome to tlak with me. If you want know more information, please go to

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