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Script for Radio Play I'm Doing in Drama.

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4/26/2016 4:29:03 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Okay, so for my last huge project in Honors Drama at my school, me and two others people were paired up with three seventh graders. My teacher is also in the group. I'll censor all real names except my own because it's available on my profile anyway.

We have to create a radio play where we stand behind a curtain and perform our bit in front of the class. But this time it's different. Instead of doing separate five minute skits, we've combined all of them into a conjoined story with the drama teacher, Mr. Blankity Blank being the main character. We got episode two, but you'll at least understand it without the first episode.

I decided to post the script on this forum for you all to see. Depending on the demand, I might post the whole audio recording once I get it in a week or two. Starting from the next post I'll be posting the script for my bit. It's terribly beautiful, if you understand that.


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