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read my story on how i was cured from hiv/aid

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8/8/2018 8:05:05 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
READ MY STORY ON HOW I WAS CURE FROM HIV/AIDS Call/whatsapp +27789059745
I am MAHALIA from PAKISTAN, I want to use this medium to testify
of how i got cured from HIV AIDS. I contacted HIV from my
husband, my husband died 2 years ago from this disease, my
life was gradually coming to an end living with this deadly
disease daily, i did all i could to get cured from this
disease but all no avail, until i saw a post on health
forum about a Abdul Karim of Call/whatsapp +27789059745 who cured my disease, when i contacted him prepared a herbal
medicine for me to get freed from HIV
he told me to take the herbs morning and night. i got cured within 2000days, I am back on my feet again. Contact Abdul Karim Call/whatsapp +27789059745 .

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