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Strength of yellow Xanax

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5/10/2019 11:26:04 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
Before you buy yellow Xanax, You must know that yellow Xanax dosage is one of the forms of medication of the drug Xanax and has R039 inscribed on it. Yellow Xanax strength is generally known to be 2mg, And it is similar to white Xanax bar. The name by which yellow Xanax bars is known on the street is the yellow school bus because of its color and shape.

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The street value of yellow Xanax

In case you"re ready to buy yellow Xanax online, We must tell you that some people choose to purchase fake yellow Xanax from the street and the street price of the bar is roughly around $4. However, The cost of the bar on the street may depend on the person who is selling it.

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