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Are you looking for best ent surgeon?

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12/23/2019 11:23:57 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
Are you searching for the best ent surgeon? Dr. Ravi Kumar MBBS, MS has been working as a ENT surgeon in hyderabad, India for 25 years that he has been treating all kinds of treatments Like ENT and Head & Neck. Dr. Ravi Kumar graduated in medicine that he globally trained & working as an ent surgeon in Hyderabad at magnasv. Specialized training in ENT cancer detection and skull base surgery was undertaken at the magnasv ENT hospital in Hyderabad, India in 2012 he was appointed as consultant neuro-otologist, ENT & skull base surgeon and senior lecturer for who are interested to start his/her career as a Jr. ENT doctor at Magnus V. FOR more information can you visit my website magnasvent hospital.

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