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Color-coded War Plans

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6/23/2013 3:05:05 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Afte World War 1, which established than the US was a major power, the military developed a series of war plans for different scenarios. These plans are very interesting although some don't seem practical (made the war department was just getting bored with no fighting). There plans were color-coded. Here they are:

According to the public intelligence site, Global Security, the following plans are known to have existed:

War Plan Black

A plan for war with Germany. The best-known version of Black was conceived as a contingency plan during World War I in case France fell and the Germans attempted to seize French possessions in the Caribbean Sea or launch an attack on the eastern seaboard.

War Plan Gray

There were two War Plans named Gray. The first Central America and the Caribbean, and the second dealt with invading the Portuguese Azores.

War Plan Brown

Dealt with an uprising in the Philippines.

War Plan Tan

Intervention in Cuba.

War Plan Red

Plan for Great Britain (with sub variants Crimson, Scarlet, Ruby, Garnet, and Emerald for British dominions).

War Plan Orange

Plan for Japan.

War Plan Red-Orange

Considered a two-front war with the United States (Blue) opposing Japan (Orange) and the British Empire (Red) simultaneously. Ultimately this analysis led to the understanding that the United States didn't have the resources to fight a two front war, and it would make sense to focus on one front, probably in the Atlantic. Ultimately this was the decision made in the Plan Dog memo.

War Plan Yellow

Dealt with war in China - specifically, the defense of Beijing and relief of Shanghai during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

War Plan Gold

Involved war with France, and/or France's Caribbean colonies.

War Plan Green

Involved war with Mexico or what was known as "Mexican Domestic Intervention" in order to defeat rebel forces and establish a pro-American government. War Plan Green was officially canceled in 1946.

War Plan Indigo

Involved an occupation of Iceland. In 1941, while Denmark was under German occupation, the US actually did occupy Iceland, relieving British units during the Battle of the Atlantic.

War Plan Purple

Dealt with invading a South American republic.

War Plan Violet

Covered Latin America.

War Plan White

Dealt with a domestic uprising in the US, and later evolved to Operation Garden Plot, the general US military plan for civil disturbances and peaceful protests. Parts of War Plan White were used to deal with the Bonus Expeditionary Force in 1932. Communist insurgents were considered the most likely threat by the authors of War Plan White.
War Plan Blue

Covered defensive plans and preparations that the United States should take in times of peace.
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