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Religion and Politic

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10/4/2013 11:48:43 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Looking back in history, religion is almost always a force behind the drive in political administration. Almost every government in history has to incorporate at least certain degree of religion involvement in politic. The Roman often claimed the favor from their Olympian Pantheon for popular support, Constantine of the later Byzantium adopted Christianity which is most definitely to hold even tighter grip on people belief. The Chinese hold a mandate of heaven, and many kings in the East (including my one) claim divine authority and the Islam is obviously rule by the religion itself.

My question is that is this policy ever work in political administration? Although virtually (if not all) of the ancient or even modern leader have incorporated at least certain degree of religion involvement in their policy, the result is varied at best and in the long run, religion is almost always the cause that lead to the downfall of a once-great empire. The Ottoman for example, lose it technological and tactical superiority over the west due to conservatism from Islamic influence, the same can be said to the French ancient regime, and Chinese decadence imperial dynasty .

So what is it really? Was the ancients leaders did the right thing by solidifying their influence with religion believe? Would they be better off if their strategies are purely based on realistic political thinking, never allow abstract idea such as religion, morality, or even democracy to rule over need to solidify political power?

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