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Harikrish presents: Christianity and Slavery

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8/21/2018 7:36:14 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
The role of Christianity in African slavery is rather unique. Most religions allowed slavery based on economic and monetary reasons. But slaves were never targeted because of their skin colour alone. This all changed when Christians justified their targeting of Africans based on scriptures and skin colour. The continued discrimination of Africans are purely on skin colour.

There is a UNESCO study on the impact of slavery on the dark continent. What would be edifying to members on DDO is to hear Christians express their opinions on this subject and also those who feel indignation by this unjustifiable act of inhumanity against a people of negroid ancestry.

What role did Christianity play in African Slavery?

Historical records show that Islam and Christianity played an important role in enslavement in Africa. The Arab-controlled Trans-Saharan slave trade helped to institutionalise slave trading on the continent. And during the 'age of expedition', European Christians witnessed caravans loaded with Africans en-route to the Middle East. Others arriving much later in West Africa observed slavery in African societies, leading them to assume that African enslavement was intrinsic to the continent.

For many of these early European explorers, the Bible was not only regarded as infallible, it was also their primary reference tool and those looking for answers to explain differences in ethnicity, culture, and slavery, found them in Genesis 9: 24-27, which appeared to suggest that it was all a result of 'sin'.

In the Genesis passage, Africans were said to be the descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, who was cursed by his father after looking at his naked form. Moreover, in Genesis 10, the 'Table of Nations' describes the origins of the different 'races' and reveals that one of the descendants of Ham is 'Cush' - Cush and the 'Cushites' were people associated with the Nile region of North Africa.

In time, the connection Europeans made between sin, slavery, skin colour and beliefs would condemn Africans. In the Bible, physical or spiritual slavery is often a consequence of sinful actions, while darkness is associated with evil. Moreover, the Africans were subsequently considered 'heathens' bereft of Christianity, although scholars now suggest that Christianity reached Africa as early as the early 2nd century AD and that the Christian communities in North Africa were among the first in the world. However, Europeans doubtlessly refused to acknowledge the relevance of African Christianity as it appeared irreconcilable with the continent's cultural surroundings.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave a Trade.

"In fact, for almost 150 years, Ghana, on Africa"s west coast, was the center of the British slave trade. Western traders arrived in ships loaded with manufactured goods to barter or trade for slaves. Those who were sold had often been captured in tribal warfare; some had simply been kidnapped to sell to European slave traders.

it is estimated from as many as 20 million West Africans were captured between the end of 15th century until 1870 (when the slave trade was abolished). Only half of them survived the harsh conditions on the voyages " and 10 million of them actually made it to the Americas.

Ghana's role in the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Ghanaians, it seems, view the Trans-Atlantic slave trade as an unfortunate historical human calamity which must not be allowed to happen again.
But the question is how many Ghanaians are truly aware of the role people living within that part of the continent at the time played in the actual act of capturing and selling their own people in return for things such as gunpowder and kola? The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Ghana, an exhibition mounted as an attempt to educate the public on the historical occurrence of the slave trade, is currently on at the National Museum in Accra.

Not only is there evidence of some 35 slave markets dotted around the area in West Africa where Ghana is situated, there are also many routes, transit camps and objects available to establish that the trade took place under horrendous conditions. Several of these transit camps and markets have been identified within the area where Ghana is currently situated. And some of these inland sites are characterised by water cisterns, remnants of slave warehouses, rock boulders and trees with large or long exposed roots for chaining the enslaved. Burial grounds for slaves, and their ancestors as well as their masters are still visible at places like Salaga, Saakpuli and Kafaba in the Northern part of Ghana. Other places include Assin Manso and Effutu in the Central Region area, and Atorkor, Peki Dzake and Adafianu in Anloland.

The shaming of Africans.

Christianity played a major role in African slavery. But it was the Afticans themselves who made it possible and supplied the slaves. Their complicity and brutality in creating the dehumanizing conditions and treatment of captured Africans in slave camps betrayed the innate jungle culture that the world witnesses as uniquely African. This archetypal jungle behaviour is pervasive throughout African history and has earned Africa the distinction of being the dark continent and the negroid Africans identified as being of sub-human ancestry.

"The forts and castles which started as European trading posts later becoming dungeons and slave auction areas which dot along the coast of Ghana even till today, don't give the whole picture.

This exhibition tackles the story of the slave trade from another more important angle which has, hitherto, not been told much. It tells how deeply African chiefs and kings themselves were involved in the trading, ordering raids and kidnaping, and arranged markets where the captured were sold. Toward the end of the 17th century and in the first few decades of the 18th, slave raiding and kidnaping became the major occupation among the Akwamu, Akyem, Kwahu, Krepi and Fante in the southern part of the Gold Coast and among all the major ethnic groups in the northern part of the country. It tells how those captured had to walk several kilometres under brutal conditions. Chained to each other with neck to hands iron shackles, they only got to rest at transit camps before arriving at the markets. Their new masters would then distinguished them from each other by marking them with branding irons which were put in fire to become red hot before they were stamped on specific parts of their body.

Many of the original iron shackles, some specially made for children, and the branding irons with inscriptions like ITA and GHC are in this exhibition. Also on display are recent colour photographs of many of the transit camps and markets as they look today."

10 Conservatives Who Have Praised American Slavery
Republican Rep. Jon Hubbard has deemed slavery a blessing. His position is not as uncommon as you'd think.

Christianity's role in African Slavery
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8/21/2018 7:41:28 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Harikrish presents: Trump the racist.

There is plenty of evidence Trump has always held racist views.


2. AP-NORC Poll: Most Americans say Trump is racist

3. African nations condemn Trumps racist comments, demands apology.

4. Trump Black low IQ comments deemed racist.

5. Trump mocks American reporter. Prefers European women, Married to two.

6. Trump calls African nations shitholes according to senator Durbin.

7. Before "Unite the Right" Rally, Trump Does Not Condemn Supremacists

8. Put travel ban on religious groups like Muslims

9. Trump attacks China for Americas trade deficit.

10. Trump has to pay for sex. Sued by ex-wives, porn stars and models and forced to pay out settlements. Trump us so scared of being sued by women, he sleeps alone in a separate bedroom in the White House.

Donald and Melania Trump bizarre nightly routine, the pair have 'separate bedrooms and he LOCKS his door to eat cheeseburgers in bed'

Trump denies he likes women peeing on him or being spanked by the daily newspaper with him on the front page. But it appears his groping days are over according to Ivanka.
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8/21/2018 9:24:05 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Harikrish presents: African history in pictures.

History of African slavery in pictures.

From Aftican slaves to African shitholes.
African shitholes defecation outdoors.

And African women fetching water to drink from the same outdoor shitholes after the men are done. Disgusting!!!

Starving Africans.

African dog eating festival.

Africans turned to licking cows backsides.

Africans abusing cows

Africans continue downward spiral.
Blacks are the World's biggest liability.

52 murdered in South Africa daily | ABS-CBN News

5,500 children die in Eastern and Southern Africa every day | Press centre | UNICEF

650 killed daily in African road accidents " UN - Premium Times Nigeria

Despite Progress, 1,500 African Children Die Daily from Malaria | UNICEF USA

2017-06 - Ten to 20 South African children die of starvation every day - Wits University

Dirty water kills 10,000 Africans daily.

African ritual treatment for AIDS, starvation and extreme stupidity

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