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The Fight of Olmpus

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4/24/2016 5:33:55 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Basically, the main point of this is to revive the forum by making some fake Greek Myths, like expanding more onto it.

The Fight of Olympus

All was peaceful after the gods and Heracles destroyed the giants. Heracles had became a god, and there was not much fighting these days.

But Olympus was very busy. Hermes was busily coming from the Underworld and back, Demeter was trying to recover all the wheat and plants after the war with giants, Hera was busily harming Zeus"s girlfriends, trying to kill and destroy them, Artemis was busily hunting, Apollo was riding his sun chariot and playing music, Athena was helping mortal fight with wisdom, weaving and building. Dionysus was telling more people around the world about wine, Hephaestus was in his forges building with the Cyclops, Ares was fighting, and the gods were doing there stuff.

The only three gods who weren"t busy were Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon. Poseidon occasionally went to the sea, and Hades occasionally went back to the Underworld to check things out, but then they were mostly at Olympus. Zeus had invited Hades and Hestia to have thrones, so there were 14 Olympians. But Hestia refused and put her mini throne in the middle with the fire: the hearth.

The only thing that kept the three gods busy was fighting. They had an argument of who did the most work when fighting the giants. Zeus was saying that he struck a lot with lighting, Poseidon was saying that he zapped water and used earthquakes, and Hades was arguing that he brought skeletons and made giants fall into the Underworld and deliver them to Tartarus.

Then they started to plan a war secretly by themselves. They said this to all the Olympians, and they began to go in sides. Hestia was neutral, Demeter was in Poseidon"s side, Artemis and Apollo were in Zeus"s side, Hera was in Zeus"s side, Athena, Hermes, Dionysus and all the others were in Zeus"s side. Obviously Poseidon and Hades thought that they needed to invite others. Hades invited many of the dead and also skeletons to join his side.

Poseidon made all the whales, the fish, the sharks to join his side, the 50 Nerieds to his side, Triton and many others , And to keep them alive, he flooded the whole earth. All the gods complained, but then they finally accepted it when Poseidon said it was for mortals to not go in the war, so Zeus accepted.

Secretly, Hades and Poseidon had a plan to overthrow the king of the cosmos. So suddenly, Hades attacked. Their plan was that Hades attacks, and when they are fighting, sooner or later Poseidon will come with their crew.

So Hades attacked. He put an entrance of the Underworld in Olympus, making a huge crack in the entrance. Dionysus literally fell into the Underworld, and found out two seconds later tons of foot steps of skeletons. Dionysus was captured, and head into The Underworld Prison (which is not Tartarus)

So Zeus and Hades were fighting. When Zeus threw and lighting bolt, Hades summoned a skeleton to block it, and the skeleton broke into many pieces. The other god tried attacking, but then sooner or later they found it very hard. Even though Hephaestus was summoning the fire, the skeletons kept going because they couldn"t burn. When Ares had full armour with his chariot and charged, and minute later, his chariot was broken and destroyed, and he was caught and when into Underworld Prison. When few of the gods tried to go they saw pegasi and whales, which meant that there was Poseidon fighting also.

Even though Poseidon wasn"t there, his creatures were advancing. They finally reached the top and flooded try to flood it, but then it was deflected. But when they went up, they could breathe fine. So the war kept going on, Zeus trying to handle the skeletons and the water creatures until fell from Hades, who wore his invisible cap. Skeletons stormed in, and when he zapped them, two seconds later few others came back.

That"s when Poseidon came. He threw his trident and fought, but he sank back into the ocean right away.

Poseidon had a secret plan. He and Zeus had a plan of when he was fighting with Hades, Poseidon will storm in the Underworld. So he sent a bit to drown the Underworld and conquer it. Poseidon"s secret plan was to guard the waters especially his palace. He set up invisible walls which when you try to go to it, it will zap you for you to not go in.

He guarded the entrances with thousands of fish, whales and many pegasi. He put Triton right front of the palace, and Ampridhite was hiding in the throne. Poseidon was in his throne, with his trident. It was perfect guard.

However, he told Hades about Zeus"s plan and they finally agreed to flood the Underworld, then attack Olympus straight away. However, Poseidon told Zeus this, and then they agreed to flood and to destruct Olympus then they will go together and fight. After Poseidon had flooded the whole Underworld, everything and all of it, he went to Olympus straight away. He trusted Zeus and Hades, for in the fact that Hades plan was a flood and Zeus"s plan was after he runs away, they fight. So that is why Poseidon isn"t in the River of Styx.

He flooded Olympus and dragged all the Olympians, even Zeus and put them into his water palace prison, which was big as a normal house. So then Poseidon told them that they will fight Hades out, and brought Dionysus for proof he was in Zeus"s side.

Meanwhile, for Hades, news wasn"t great. They didn"t plan what happened after destroying Zeus, but then Poseidon had already planned it. Hades had no home: the Underworld flooded, when Poseidon was in his throne.

Word came to Poseidon and Zeus that Hades was in the small cave which he made and summoned inside a small cave. He put all his material, even a throne, the size of a normal chair also. He had guards which were skeletons, and his throne had rubies, and he summoned all kinds of things in the cave. He had tons of guards, which were skeletons. It was the same as the underworld, just smaller.

Thats is why Poseidon and Zeus stormed into the cave an attacked. When they were almost going to beat Hades they heard a loud noise, a roar, and a huge monster with 100 heads and 50 arms. It was called Typhoon. In two seconds they agreed that person who destroyed the monster will be the king of the cosmos.
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12/12/2018 12:20:52 PM
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