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The Fight of Typhon

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4/24/2016 6:22:47 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The Fight of Typhon

Ever since the three gods had an agreement of however destroyed Typhon would be the king of the cosmos.

The three gods all thought about being the king of cosmos but it was hard. Typhon was 300 meters tall, and was 70 times bigger than them. His hair was snakes, he had one hundred stupid arms which were all super big.

When they were charging, and when they said charge!!!, it more sounded like charge? But then the gods had worked together, and they tried. Zeus tried zapping lightning with his thunderbolt, but then Typhoon would just swat it away. When Poseidon had launched many storms and earthquakes, and as much Pegasus's and whales and as much as he could do. Even Hades was raising the dead and fighting.

But, Typhon was a giant, so then in occurred to Zeus that they needed a mortal also. So he asked Hermes and Apollo to go fetch someone.

When they were going, they spotted a man who was playing music. Apollo said this is the one, and with Athena they came up with a plan.

Every time Typhon striked, on purpose the Olympians will blow away to Babylon, which was in Persia. One by one, all the god went out, and Typhon was heading to Mount Olympus which was quite destroyed, but half was rebuilt by Athena.

When Typhon was going, he spotted a man named Acherta who was playing music, the one who made the plan with the three gods.

"Sorry I didn"t notice you. You"re big." Acherta said.

"You dare say that you couldn"t see me? I am as big as Olympus itself!" Typhoon roared.

"Maybe it was because of the music." He said, feared.
"Maybe. I will lie here for a nap." Typhon said.

And he snored right away.

Thats when all the god came out and started attacking. Zeus sprang lightning, Poseidon made earthquakes, Hades made skeletons and ghosts, and all the gods were doing their job.

Typhon was confused, and sooner or later, he was dragged into Tartarus.

Thats when Gaea got so furious, so then she and Tartarus made a plan and decided to awake.