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Beauty in Pak - India ? Why bother whites?

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11/20/2012 5:38:10 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
BRITAIN'S youngest mum fell pregnant at 12 after being passed around an Asian sex gang. The five-strong mob, made up largely of Pakistani taxi drivers, blitzed the schoolgirl with gifts including phones and sweets. And after plying her with booze they took it in turns to have sex with her in a car park on "numerous occasions".

The nation was stunned when the girl fell pregnant and became Britain's youngest mum in 2002. Police vowed to hunt the dad and prosecute him for statutory rape. But they were stunned when the girl revealed she had been having sex with five men and did not know who was the father.

Officers soon uncovered she had been lured into underage sex by the mob, but rather than highlight the problem the authorities decided to "brush it under the carpet", a whistleblower said.

None of the gang was prosecuted and the girl was taken into care. She was Britain's youngest mum at the time but that record has since been broken.

21st January 2011

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