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Intercollegiate Debate Seeking Sponsors

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1/30/2013 12:28:53 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I'm new to the site but I figured what some of my colleagues are doing is pertinent to the purpose here.

Intercollegiate debate is a dying community, though not for lack of interest. Most teams I know have at least doubled their membership over the past five years. The problem is funding; programs are dropping left and right, typically at community colleges or urban colleges that serve as a conduit for an average Joe or Jill to become an activist in their community, areas where we need leaders. In debate, we breed them like it was going out of style. Competitive debate has been life changing for myself and many people I know; some have left drug dealing for law school, others have changed from economics majors to forming philanthropy groups, some have used acquired tools to further their goals of social justice. All have become active, thoughtful and progressive members of their communities. All have opened up their horizons and aspire to do more with their lives.

The purpose of the new tournament we are trying to fund is to bring debate to the national forum in Washington D.C., and maybe remind our politicians how to make good arguments. With this tournament, it is our hope that intercollegiate debate will get the attention and funding it deserves.

If you think learning the skills of argumentation are valuable for everyone and those with the desire should not be limited by the availability and support of such a program, please visit the following page. Even a little support helps and if you cannot help us financially but feel just as strongly as I do, share this with your friends.

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