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The manship game

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7/8/2013 8:59:06 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Some times it is fun to have a little corny game among friends. I highly recommend the manship game. It is specially fun while in formal settings.

The suffix "manship" implies a skill in an area especially in competitive situations.

IE: horsemanship

With a little more liberal definition to really zero in the skillful side of the definition rather than competitive, the suffix can be appended to any number of words in many a situation.

My thought-manship may be astounding you right now, but you can do it too!

When your mom gives you a good diner, compliment her on her cooking-manship. Your bro, navigates a crowded parking lot in the car? Tell him, "Your parking lot-manship skills are off the hook"

I will say this for the beginners, when verbally adding manship, downplay the "n" sound.

Now go forth and demonstrate your linguistic-manship-ness skills.

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