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Sex Bible

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6/10/2019 9:48:34 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
after 27 years of research i can conclude the climate is most important, I am a super rainman created by the richest desert, Desert people have to move enough to sweat to stay cool while running towards water at all times, Black people rarely enjoy the desert or rainland, Mountain snow truly requires more strength, We all have the ability to barely survive anywhere

anal people truly require cuter faces, The midwest is full of eskimo's, The south is full of people who have always been the only ones able to function there, I can only really survive in the northwest and im already at the first birth cycle minimum 27, 30 is the next one, 35 and then 40, I am god's vaginal slave/sacrifice and trying to share god's wisdom, Ive been searching for what is only possible in the correct location, Id still choose any woman over death so can't blame or hate anyone except my mother beyond this exact point once again, Though im going for and deserve the peak

any hotter and my hair stays flat any colder and my hair stays flat, It only kinks when its a rapid transition, Im praying the northwest accommodates me if i decide and hopefully soon if thats my best option, Originally i was only afraid of the politeness up there, I'd still miss california soo much and only really the land/climate back when i had the resources

-the clitoris moves during penetrative vaginal sex

-possibly still hellishly staying forever, The castro san francisco

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