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Shark VS Orca

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7/30/2020 3:05:22 AM
Posted: 1 month ago
When we think of the ocean"s beat predators, Most of us are likely getting to picture sharks.

More specifically, We"re likely envisioning the gigantic great white shark. But a few weeks back we shared a piece of approximately a curiously way to alarm sharks absent from Australia"s shorelines: playing recordings of the killer whale "screams".

On the off chance that the extraordinary white shark is genuinely the ocean"s beat predator, Why would it be so frightened of killer whales?

Well, It turns out that killer whales have been known to prey on sharks. Orcas have to been known to eat mako sharks and a few other species. When chasing sharks, Killer whales continuously conclusion up flipping the shark upside down, Notwithstanding how the assault begins. When flipped upside down, The shark goes into a paralyzed state known as "tonic immobility" and can"t battle back, Which proposes that the orcas get it a small something almost shark science. It doesn"t essentially cruel they get it the method, Fair that they know in case the shark is upside down

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