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If you were an RPG character...

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4/26/2016 12:21:12 AM
Posted: 3 years ago

>Basic Attacks
>Special Attacks
Jesus loves you.


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4/26/2016 1:42:43 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is an example but also mine without any humility.
(or at least what i think without any humility)

Name: -Classified-
Nickname/Aka: Dragon_of_Christ, DoC
Race: Human (no i am not actually a dragon)
Age: -Classified-
All Other Profile Stats: On profile (that are available to you)

Scale: Semi-Brutal, 1-10 11 & 12 possible
Strength: 2
Speed: 4
Stamina: 7
Stamina Regen.: 9
Intelligence (tactical): 4
Intelligence (cunning): 8
Improvision: 11
Willpower: 10
Toughness: 6
Toughness Regen.: 7
Skill: 3
Skillz: 7 (ask if you want to know what i mean)
Luck: 8

Basic Attacks
Combo Icebreaker
Basic Combo Snowballer
Basic Combo Damage
Combo Swarm Attack
Combo Exploit
Hefty Punch
Exponential Punch
Sniper Punch
Thigh Kick
Low Jump Kick
COM Kick (center of mass)
Midair Spin
Akkido Roll Throw
Punch De-direct
COM Gyro Dodge
Slide Dodge
Dancey Dodge

Special Attacks
Diagonal Rib Uppercut
Throat Punch Fake Out
Run Up Chin Kick
Dragon Throw
Over Shoulder Throw
Rush Punch
War Cry
Gun Disarm
Long Gun Disarm
Knife Disarm
Long Weapon Disarm
-Classified Ender-

-Tiger Style-
Fingers sticking out and bent, thumbs facing palm direction. Strike with palms.

-Phoenix Style (my own)-
Focused on redirecting and kicking. Circular arm movements

-Dragon Style (my own)-
Same as tiger but with pinkie and ring fingers curved halfway to palms.

-Drunken Style-
Fist but with pointer and thumb making a C shape. Strike with back of hand. Lots of kicks and suprise energy attacks. Can only use when fairly tired.

-Idiotic Bravery-
Not afraid of anything, especially death. (christian)

-Good Sumeritan-
Ends physical violence on immoral side.

Can defeat much tougher opponents by chance.

Skill adjusts to opponent's level. Lower or higher.

-Bounce Back-
Once defeated in any type of round or set may heavily increase many stats.

Once badly hurt something inbetween actual rage and humorous rage (more commonly known as Le Rage) sets in.

-FSA Mode-
Extreme version of Bluud.

-Last Stand-
In perilous circumstances with a little Bluud and luck will perform with greatly increased stats.

Thought speed greatly increased

-For the Lord! or MURICAAA!!!-
Extreme version of FSA + Last Stand + Hyperthought

Critical hits almost always. Only usable when half-awake or drowsy.

-Hurr Durr-
Limit break attack.

All stats increase.

-Stay Cool Boy-
Keeps from becoming angry.

-Le Rage-
Humorous anger, anti actual anger.

-Focus Absorption-
Mentally absorb a hit.

In some way make the opponent fear me. Verbal badbuttness, and an intimidating look are examples.

Realizes he is surrounded and goes into special FSA.

-Clear Mind-
Stat increaser. Eliminates anger.

-That Was Almost Bad-
Avoidance of blunder or possibly horrible mistake through sheer luck. Common.

Whether it is annoying move or angering thing i said it make opponent angry. Version of Terrify.

-The Pro Effect-
I am already fairly skilled in the task but see the very best as equals or inferior skilled. Don't take any notice of non pros i defeat.

-Flow Attack-
Defeat many in a row and get into a flow or system.

-Commander Mode-
Thinks swiftly and well under pressure for a group as the leader of it.

-Psycho Mode-
My insane ego side of the brain assumes main command.
Jesus loves you.


-Funny Links-

Stupid atheist remarks #: 6
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4/26/2016 5:57:22 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 4/26/2016 12:21:12 AM, Dragon_of_Christ wrote:

Name: Bailey (The rest is classified)
Nickname: missbailey8
Race: Human
Strength: 4
Speed: 9
Stamina: 7
Stamina regeneration: 5
Intelligence (tactical): 4
Intelligence (cunning): 8.5
Willpower: 9.5
Toughness: 7
Toughness regeneration: 8
Luck: 6.5

>Basic Attacks
Throw book
Bubble wrap
Blind eyes with nails
Hammer fist
Hammer time
Hammer pants
Roundhouse kick
Heel palm
Cha cha slide
Bow set (Kenpo)
Teeth attack
Groin grasp

>Special Attacks
Testicle twister
Super double cha cha slide
Death by rainbow
Triple drug trip rainbow
More memes

- Confusion Wave -
A wave of confusion falls over opponent. They're unable to fight for 10 seconds.

- Trivia -
Distracts opponent from the situation at hand. 50% of befriending them.

- Karaoke -
Makes opponent stumble for 5 seconds. I gain +1 stamina regeneration for battle.

- Kenpo Black Belt -
With my super cool black belt I defend offensive attacks for 30 seconds.

- Yo Mamma Jokes -
Remind them of their absent father figure and paranoid mother. They retreat the battle.

- Creamy Memes, Broken Dreams -
I possess Angry Pepe with the power of Rickroll. Opponent burns to death.

- Food -
Regenerate +50 health with mashed potatoes.

- Wannabe Vampire Queen -
-75 health of opponent from blood loss. Drowsy after effect.

- Skills with Pistol -
Shoot opponent with fabulous purple painted pistol. -30 health per bullet.

- Dad Jokes -
Similar to Go Mamma Jokes effect but they freeze in a permanent cringe.

- Show Choir Experience -
Sing my opponent to death with obnoxious dance numbers.

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