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US-Mexican Border Needs to Be Strengthened!

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1/30/2013 7:48:51 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
The latest nonsense on MSNBC is that border security is strong enough and nothing needs to be done to strengthen it because fewer illegal aliens crossed the border last year than in previous years. But, they do not site the source of their numbers or offer any verifiable proof, nor does President Obama.

"In 2005, about 500,000 Mexican nationals made their way into the U.S. illegally and within the last two years (2010 and 2011) between 100,000 to 200,000 continued unauthorized crossings into the U.S., according to Zenteno Quintero. He cited statistics from both the U.S. Census and Mexico"s Population Census (MPC). Some of the few factors that kept nationals in Mexico, was a growing middle class, families doing better economically and educational opportunities, anti-immigrant laws and border security in the U.S. Arizona, Alabama, Texas, Georgia and South Carolina adopted state immigration enforcement laws."

So if our border security is so good, how do an estimated 200,000 annually continue to get across the US-Mexican border illegally? That is 1 million more every 5 years, which is totally unacceptable!

The most obvious reason is that the current border security is not good enough.

We are being force feed the same total nonsense by President Obama that we were force feed by President Ronald Reagan with the last amnesty, which was that the border security would be increased substantially.

I had to laugh at President Obama"s tongue-in-cheek statement last year that building a mote and filling it with alligators would not work. It is true and funny because of the obvious! The US-Mexican border is 2,000 miles or 3,520,000 yards long. Assuming you would need 10 alligators for every 100 yards for it to be effective, you would need 352,000 alligators, which is more than the total estimated population of 200,000 alligators in the Florida Everglades. And, the cost to feed 352,000 alligators! And, the smell from rotting meat, what a mess!

However, finishing the double border fence and building observation towers every one-half mile that are equipped with high powered Search Lights, high powered surveillance cameras, long range motion detectors, GPR " ground-penetrating radar to detect the building of underground tunnels, etc. and having them manned 24-7, now that would work quite well! Then add about 40,000 more border agents, with thousands of armored, machine gun equipped desert all-terrain vehicles and hundreds of well-trained guard dogs doing patrols 24-7 along the entire 2,000 mile long US-Mexican border. Guess what would happen then?

Very few illegal aliens and illegal drugs are getting across the US-Mexican border!

And, please don"t tell me that nonsense that they will then take boats and planes or get on submarines to get into America. Despite the obvious, most illegal aliens could not afford passage on planes, ships or submarines, and, the Coast Guard does a great job stopping boat engaged in illegal activities. It is one thing trying to smuggle 2 tons of cocaine worth $245 million on a submarine that cost $ 4 million dollars to build, which would be confiscated by the US government if caught; using that $4 million dollar submarine to smuggle maybe 30 illegal aliens for $30-$40,000 in passage fees is not cost effective.

So guess what again?

Very few illegal aliens and illegal drugs are getting into America via ships and submarines!

And, the total annual cost of this the fence, equipment and 40,000 additional border agents would be far less than estimated $100 billion net (i.e. net after deducting state and federal income taxes collected from illegals) that is spent annually by the Federal, State, and local governments supporting illegal immigrants.

Then I have to hear the MSNBC New Anchors crying and whining about the need for Immigration reform, which I am assuming means giving immediate Amnesty to over 20 million illegal aliens, mainly from Mexico and South America. Or, at least allowing those 20 million to stay in America and work for less than minimum wages, which is destroying jobs for Americans, until they can pass all the immigration requirements. They seem to be ignoring the fact that over 4 million individuals have applied for legal immigration for their family members and have been on waiting lists for years while they wait in their respective countries not putting a huge financial burden on the USA, some as long as 20 years. They seem to be ignoring the fact that all these 20 million illegal aliens broke American Immigration laws by sneaking across the border illegally and should be deported immediately. They seem to have forgotten the President Ronald Reagan did the supposedly last and final never again granting of amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens in 1988 under the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

And, now President Obama is starting with the total nonsense that we are a Nation of Immigrants, which we are not. More than 80% of existing Americans were born in America, so by definition, we are not a Nation of Immigrants. And, so what, that our founding fathers were from other countries? The illegal Mexican and South American immigrant sneaking across the US-Mexican borders are not explorers discovering a new land; they are just criminals breaking American and Mexican laws. Just more nonsense from the President I voted for. What a mistake, by head must have been far up by arse.

The Border needs to be secured now by doing what I have recommended above; and the majority of the 20 million illegals in American needs to be send packing back to Mexico.
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