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Even you, China?

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4/24/2013 7:57:37 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
I thought that extreme greediness is a Western accent. But now China reaps fruit of its meanness after that horrible earthquake caused by shale gas mining. My aunt lost her house because of that disaster. She says that last half a year Lushan Mining and Metallurgy Company made some researches right on the Kuanglu, the most beautiful ancient mountain in Sichuan. Also during this half a year Lushan county had been shaken for many times. But the last one was the first powerful earthquake since 2008 in this region.
It seems that Chinese government doesn't learn from others' mistakes. Neither example of British Blackpool nor South of USA and Mexico with their catastrophic seismic activity after start of shale gas mining can't influent on Chinese development of its own shale gas researching. All in all what are two hundred lives vs. energy supplement of the greatest country in the world? Qin Shi Huang-di provided for Chinese defence by building Great Wall of China on the bones of his nationals. Now Chinese economics will get second wind at the account of local residents' lives. Mind you that China's abound with such seismic dangerous regions. And Lushan tragedy is the first one in the raw of more and more powerful earthquakes all over the country.

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