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Libyan Prime Minister was kidnapped

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10/10/2013 3:09:03 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Libyan government confirmed that the country's Prime Minister Ali - Zaidan was kidnapped the morning ,glass mosaic whereabouts unknown. Reported that the militants responsible for driving several vehicles escorting .

Libyan government on its official website released a brief statement saying that the transitional government leaders Ali - Zaidan was a group of unknown cause is believed to have been taken to an unknown location opposition people . A spokesman for the Libyan prime minister is also the 10th morning to the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) , confirmed the news .

According to CNN reports ,crystal glass mosaic Ali - Zaidan is a guesthouse in the capital Tripoli CorinthianHotel taken away by armed elements , current whereabouts are unknown. Witnesses said Ali - Zaidan were militants brought the long-awaited car, the whole incident in which no one shot the militants did not cause much trouble.

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