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22th Foshan Ceramics Exhibition

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10/15/2013 9:39:32 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
An excellent show, in addition to a comprehensive display of the times representative exhibits, innovative and highly effective business activities is its crowning touch, the 22nd China [Foshan] International Ceramics and Bathroom Fair will be held October 18 -22 days held a grand, a lot of exciting activities launched stunning, on behalf of the industry's most cutting-edge trends ceramic new conference, historic landmark century "Jin Tao Cup" Grand Prix, the design "big coffee" experience-sharing sessions, new decorative materials large industrial safety applications exchange ...... not only enrich the content of the exhibition, the exhibition theme deepen even more participants to build an effective communication platform. Foshan Tao Bo earlier this year what are the highlights of activities? This article will walk you through the inventory, wonderful not miss!

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