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Shop Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG WMNS on jorda

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3/17/2019 1:07:03 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
Recently, [URL=https://www. Jordans2019shoes. Com]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL] new products one by one, So many players said they could not stand. Among the many new products, A panda color is highly focused upon exposure. Recently, The latest foot map is released. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG WMNS color again classic with "black toe" as the theme, Black and white color is also a classic OG dress, Retro and versatile. However, The material has been upgraded again. In addition to the white texture made of textured leather, The black part is innovatively made of wool material. The texture is gorgeous and seems to be more in line with the name of the panda.

As one of the most eye-catching colors in the adidas Harden signature shoes, Harden Vol. 3 welcomes Imma Be a Star! Inspired by Harden"s message to his mother at the age of 14, He wrote "I will be a star". Now that he has done it, Adidas also pays tribute to his long-term efforts and dedication. [URL=https://www. Jordans2019shoes. Com/product-category/adidas-shoes/adidas-harden-vol-3/]Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Imma be a star[/URL] is displayed with a gold-tone foil-finished upper. The toe cap protection, The three-line and lining of the shoe body are decorated with black details to create a strong visual contrast! The biggest highlight is the imprint of the Imma be a star on the inside of the shoe, Which is the theme of the belief in Deng Ge from childhood!

In the past two years, The urban run is still popular. For this reason, Adidas launched the new [URL=https://www. Jordans2019shoes. Com/product-category/adidas-shoes/adidas-pure-boost/]adidas Pure Boost Go[/URL] running shoes again this year, Targeting a pair of professional street running shoes tailored for busy urban people. The new Pure Boost Go, Tailored for runners, Features a stretchy mesh outsole that provides the flexibility and adaptability needed for street runs, And Boost cushioning technology to provide good running energy. Feedback. The new shoes offer a variety of color choices, With smooth and beautiful lines to highlight the sense of movement and fashion, Not only to meet the daily wear requirements of runners, Easy to adapt to work and life, But also to create both aesthetic and functional Good street running experience.

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