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How To Cut Down On Empty Calories

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5/13/2019 9:35:30 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
Due to the nature of how we The 2 Week Diet live in the 21st century we are overwhelmed with stress from work, Our partners basically just the fast pace of life we now lead. We also sit for prolonged periods of time, Which causes our posture to change, And in turn caused more stress. Stress causes fat retention, The more we stress the more fat we store and so we need to try and avoid it. Going to the gym and basically beasting your self for an hour can add to this problem. You see a stressed body does not want to be put into an even more stressful environment. So you're going to the gym with the aim of burning fat but instead you're adding to the problem and getting fatter.

If you're one of the people that train as I have described above, Then you have probably just had a light bulb moment and realised that all you're hard work has actually being making no difference at all except maybe making it worse and getting you fatter. So let me tell you what you can about it and how you can achieve that dream body you really want in super quick time. Before I tell you though, Believe me when I say its not going to be easy. Anyone that tells you it is easy is either lying to you or they are trying to sell you their latest product. So lets get on with it, To start with before we even think about burning fat (although you will burn fat and a lot of it) we need to get you're body de-stressed.

So lets look at some of the areas that cause stress that you may not have realised. Poor diet Poor posture Not sleeping well Not being hydrated Over training So lets look at these, One at a time. Poor Diet The planet we live on delivers us all the foods that we need however as a species we decided to try and make our own foods additionally. This is where the problem lies, We eat foods that are so processed that the body does not even recognise the food and we can only store it as fat.

We need to get back to eating the foods we were intended to eat, The ones that are filled with nutrients, Vitamins and minerals and that keep us full for longer stopping cravings. We need to avoid the ones that have unpronounceable names, E numbers, Artificial flavours and all other sorts of junk contained in their ingredients. These foods will cause you to crave more, Feel tired and down lacking in energy. So the main problem is processed foods but this covers on a much larger scale than you may have realised. You need to avoid Wheat based products A lot of dairy based products Alcohol Caffeine Sugar in all forms Starchy carbohydrates Un-organic meat

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