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Incredible Health Benefits Of Fermented Foods

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5/14/2019 4:27:08 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
Some of the products were enriched with iron, Which should have raised hemoglobin concentrations in the blood of anemic animals. However, The results took the researchers by surprise: There was no connection between higher intake of iron and hemoglobin levels. The rats stayed anemic despite ingesting large amounts of iron. Those rats that had little iron in their blood deposited excessively large amounts of iron in their liver, Which led to worsening of anemia (for a similar reason it is very questionable to give extra iron to people who suffer from anemia).
Poison that Tastes and Looks like Food

The main conclusion we can draw from this experiment is that the purely theoretical approach to diet and nutrition (using food tables and daily nutritional recommendations) has not only been insufficient to raise the standard of health in the population but has in fact caused more harm and confusion than is currently assessable. Sanctified by theories of nutrition, Which in actuality contradict the body's natural responses to food, The food industry has been given the green light to produce anything that fulfills the official nutritional requirements, Even if the 'foods' have a poisoning effect and create havoc in the body.

There is no legislation to test man-made foods on animals before giving them to millions of human beings. The average consumer takes it for granted that the food produced by a reputable company must be safe for human consumption, Even if it contains plastic (using animals to find out whether these foods are poisonous or not is cruel and I don't advocate animal testing. I have reasons to believe that all man-made foods have harmful effects on the human body, And I therefore recommend that you avoid eating them). Not all governments support this disconcerting trend. According to an August 2004 issue of the Guardian, Some few health-conscious governments in Europe that are less dominated by the food industry and big pharmaceutical companies, Are beginning to protect their people from obvious harmful practices.

Health officials in Denmark recently banned the addition of vitamins and minerals to 18 varieties of breakfast foods and cereals produced by Kellogg Co. The reasons given include increasing evidence that eating those products regularly can ruin the health of children and pregnant women. Cereal is one of the first solid foods introduced to babies, And pediatricians typically encourage parents to start feeding cereal to their babies from between 4 and 6 months. Their advice grossly contradicts findings from a study that cereals introduced in the diets of babies increased the risk of insulin-dependent diabetes in the children.

https://supplementdiary. Com/the-oxidized-cholesterol-strategy-review/

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