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What's on your bucket list

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7/17/2018 2:56:22 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
What is on your bucket list?

Here is mine

See Hawaii
Go to Bora Bora on vacation
Go to Australia on vacation
Ride a chopper down through the Florida Keys
Ride around all of North America on a motorbike, starting in Boston, to Florida, to Texas, to LA, to Vancouver Canada, and all they way back across Canada
See a game at every MLB Stadium
See Beverly Hills where the celebs live in mansions
Drive a Lamborghini
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7/17/2018 8:51:28 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
My first thought is not one specific object really. Generally when I feel a bit down and wonder what life has to offer really, I perk up a little bit and think something random that I have enjoyed recently or am looking forward to. Something for example like reading a certain book again or for the first time, a movie, or a food. Mmmmm.

Bucket list though... Eh, I often think it would be nice to read a history book 80 or so years in the future. Specifically about a part of history I have lived through. Presidential terms for example. Of course even 80 years from now I might be wanting to live another 80 years from now to read about the history 80 years from then.

No... Nothing off the top of my head, singular one time accomplishable goal wise.
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8/11/2018 11:18:55 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Take the controls of an airplane after take off. Maybe visit the rock quarries in Italy only because that is part of my trade. I don't have much interest in the rest of the world. I never understood the desire to visit third world sht holes. And those that aren't, hate America anyway so why go there.
Beware of the people who are in your circle but are not in your corner.

And with the stroke of a pen people 18 to 21 who own a gun became criminals and public enemy #1 having committed no crime and having said nothing. Just like the Jews in Germany during WW2. Must be a weird feeling.

When I hear people crying and whining about their first world problems I think about the universe with everything in it and people in wheelchairs and all of their problems go away.

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