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7/8/2013 1:55:26 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Any views here on the Russian dating thing? I mean is there still a stigma attached to it?
Yes I want to have a go, lol! just looking at some sites such as also wondered if its possible to meet a Russian women but nearer to home, maybe on a site locally) well saves travelling!
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9/25/2013 1:20:58 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
well, iam russian altho not a woman. I know alot on the subject i even tried making money this way. My mom actually came into US this way in 1995. I been around the world and seen that slavic women are best for most westeners. My mom actually came into US this way in 1995. The competitors are latinas cuz theres also alot of them and they all love westeners as well, but they lack some things which slavic women have (slavic women are smarter and most likely went to college, and some other things)

ok now, on the subject, it is very tru that there are many, LOTS more beautiful women in Russia than in US. Not even just as a percentage of population , but as a whole. US is a MALE society, where there are lots of males and no chicks, Russia is the other way around. A night club in US is 10% cute chicks, 30%ugly chicks, 60% guys. A club in Russia is 40% cute chicks, 30% ok chicks, 30% guys.
Alot of Russian chicks are poor though. Oftentimes they graduate college and realize that their degree means nothing and they can only get a shitty job with shitty steady with few chances of career advancement. Their dreams are doomed, thus they want to immigrate cuz alot of russian chicks want to achieve alot in their life and are optimistic. It is also likely that they dont like most russian guys who are also pretty broke and cheat all the time(who wouldnt, so many chicks..)
Many simply get a tourist visa and then never leave US or leave long after visa expires or get married there. Some use dating/bridal services to find someone else

You as an american, you first want to make sure you have steady income, cuz that is the most important factor. russian women easily fall in love if you love them and they rarely cheat on you and would not stand if you cheat on them, even flirting.

I dont recommend meeting someone in your neighbourhood unless you are well off and good looking, cuz chances are, you are by far not the only one trying to get with them. Dating services is a better option I think, but you can also consider going to Russia yourself with friends for a trip. It is bound to be fun, and you may very well meet some1 or even schedule a meeting with at least one girl in moscow or st petersburg from your dating site.
And yeah, Russians like foreigners. You will attract alot of girls at a club/restaurant or whatever as soon as they hear you speaking english.
anyways sry i rambled too much its just that its a sensitive subject for me cuz it dissapoints me soooo much when I see such ugly/unfaithful girls here in US dating great guys and the fact that these guys dont realize they can switch their 5/10 for a 9/10 if they get a russian chick

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