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So what are some ways for me to advocate...

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9/13/2013 9:14:17 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
You have to learn a new vocabulary, in order to avoid "triggers" that set the wrong momentum for what you want to say. For example, repeatedly finding ways to stress that mental health is just "health." It's not something else, because the brain is just another organ.

There are all kinds of things like that. Drugs and pills are "medications," Doctors are "Dr. So and So." Or better yet, doctors and nurses are called by their first names.

Once you can talk about the subject, then I would say that the main thing that the those who are not Neuro-Typical need is health care and employment. This is a BiG DEAL. I've known hundreds of homeless people (I was an Occupy camper once) and I can tell you that the MAIN thing that causes homelessness is 1. Untreated mental health issues and 2. Substance abuse.

Seriously. Get health care to these people and I promise you that you will end homelessness in America - because most of them could work otherwise. Get them jobs, and moms and dads will not have to support them.

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